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stop razor bumps LoL?

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once a dermatologist told me that for the bikini line i should shave using hair conditioner and it worked. later i discovered lotion hair remover like Nair and thats what i preferred. at least for me there are no more irritations after being shaved.


you know, temperature is also a factor that causes irritations. some girls i know shave completely, i dont know how they can stand it because pub.ic hair was put there for a reason. it helps protect the area from stuff somehow. a ginecologist would never suggest shaving completely to a patient.


i know girls that prefer their partner to shave, and guys who want like the girl shaved completely too. for me, i think that a trim like someone else said is good enough. of course, a super close one if youre picky with the hair thing. but no hair, thats just unhealthy for the genitalia.

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