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Any of you female dumpers have any regrets?

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My ex of 2 years broke up with me a few months ago...My life was a complete wreck for the past few months. She was just in a lost and confused stage where she didnt know what she wanted in life...throughout this time...we were bitter towards each other and have very minimal conversations that often ended up being an argument...and it sure didnt help that we worked together (which really really sucked) and that she started dating soon after we broke up...i found out that she realized that the person she was interested in was not the type of person she expected and that theyre complete opposites..if theyre still talking or trying to work things out...i dont know..anyways...i quit that job last week to work at a better paying job..I still see her in school once in a while though, and we even had lunch together a week and a half ago , but we didnt mention anything very personal, but it was still a nice experience..She's still a very young girl and sometimes i feel as if i should just let her be and experience life more and just give her space and room to grow.just wondering if any of you females out there that were in her shoes, down the road started having regrets with breaking up with your ex...if you guys started to realize what you lost. Cause god knows how good i treated her...adn she often told me how i was always there for her and was a great boyfriend...but shit justhappens i guess. Ive been getting better as of late...hanging out with friends...but yea...i just wanna hear some stories from you ladies that started to realize how good of a thing it was that you lost when it was finally gone and hear your point of view. 8)

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You know how people are always saying that they do things with no regrets, as long as you are in the moment, you never have to say you are sorry?? The truth is there are always regrets at the end of a relationship from the male and the female. It always hurts, not forever, but it hurts to lose someone special, it hurts to leave a relationship, it is difficult to tell someone that they are not good enough, that is hard, but sometimes you have to cut your losses!!


To be happy and real, you have to be honest with others. The more you lie and cover up the truth, the less sane you will be in the future.

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Oh, and to add to that. I usually don't regret dumping the guys that I dated..all except one. The only reason I kind of regret dumping him is because we totally bonded emotionally and spiritually, but not physically and mentally.


If you're wondering if women in general, regret dumping their exes, it really depends on how strong the bond is, which usually is felt between 2 people. It's not just one sided.

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we had a pretty strong bond, but near the end of the relationship, it was just nonstop arguing left and right over the silliest things. It was never one big argument about a major thing, but millions of arguments about small things instead. and i guess she just had enough of the fighting I just need to let her go. Ive come to the conclusion that she's just a youngin and she needs to experience life alot more and see whats out there. Its just hard right now. Im sure time will be on my side. Im just wondering what the majority of the girls in her situation through time, would feel, or if she's even missing me at this moment. people at work tell me that she would mention me everytime they talk about guy problems..atleast i know i cross her mind once in a while. I never did anything to intentionally hurt the girl and im sure we still love each other to a certain extent....relationships suck..peace

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