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My bed seems so lonely now


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Well me and my GF were together for 10 months on Friday. I had planned to go for a walk through the state park and have a picnic on one of the beaches. Rain had cancelled my plans though and we kind of just didn't do much. I felt that she was disappointed that we just drove around hungout at my house and chilled and didn't really do much.


Saturday came and me and her hungout for a couple hours and then left to go to a concert. After getting lost in Providence for awhile I finally found some parking. We got to the show and the place was packed. We managed to fight our way to the front and got to see the greatest show ever. The Mars Volta rocks! The singer was running around stage hanging from lights and raiding the bar, throwing beer and ice and water at the crowd. I was lucky enough to catch some cups. Haha.


My GF didn't know any of the songs but she enjoyed herself and i'm happy that she came along.


As we were leaving I was going to drop her off at her house but she decided to spend the night at my place. Well we got to my house and sat for like 5 minutes and we went to the playground. Swung for a half hour but it was too cold so we left back for my house.


She finally spent the night with me and it was wonderful. She woke me up at like 3am. Again at 4:30am. Once at 6am with some head And then again at 9am with some sex I then dropped her off so she could change and shower. I did the same and picked her back up and we went out for some brunch. Came back home and laid in bed together.


I called in on monday. And we did the same. Just hungout in bed together and napped and watched movies.


Great weekend. Its depressing that its over though My bed seems ultra lonely now and I can't stop thinking about how much fun I had and that its all over with now


I always do this...

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Wow, don't sound so bummed that you have good memories. You had a great weekend, by happy! And there's likely more of that in store, so what's the problem. Sure, you miss her right now, but sounds like you have tons to look forward to.

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Ash - Im just bummed that all I have in store right now is work for the rest of the week. Iunno it just seems depressing going back to a mediocre life after having a great weekend. I understand that this is the way it is. I just haven't quite gotten used to it, TBH I don't think I ever will. Ever since I was a child i'd be sad the first day back at school from an exciting weekend.


Karvala - Naw no breakup post. Just a reflective post about my weekend so I can stop reliving it in my head. I know ill have another great weekend. It just seems so distant from where I am now at work, working. Sucks to have sucha great weekend and then step off the rainbow colored unicorn back down to the everyday world.


Astro - I know i'm young and that I haven't experienced loneliness like some have. But right now I feel lonely, maybe not as lonely as times to come, but nonetheless i'm still lonely.

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all I can say is that you don't know how lucky you are!!! I got dumped new year's eve and my ex is now with someone else. My bed is very lonely now!!


Its not that I don't appreciate what I have as I think thats what yall are assuming. It's that when you're depressed everything just SEEMS horrible for the moment while you're depressed.

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I don't mean to be obnoxious, but it sounds like you are getting attached, which is very normal. I'm 20 like you are and had a very ecstasy-like relationship with my boyfriend for 2 years...


We are still together now but you should try to learn to enjoy your independence, or to embrace the time you have alone. It gets to be very important in a caring relationship. It's not meant to sound cynical but you always have to be okay and even happy on your own, because you never know how things will turn out with someone else. So you can't make her your happiness.


I'm sure you know all this but try to exercise it ... try to embrace the loneliness and even enjoy it. It's important, I swear.


Congrats on such a fun relationship! Here's to many more happy weekends.

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