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how would you feel feel if you were dating this one girl one time your cuz was seein?


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Hey guys,


This has really been bothering me for quite some time and i dont know how to deal with it. to make a long story short over the summer my cousin was hangin out with this girl for about a month. it was nothin serious and i could tell he wasnt interested in her. He was never givin her the time of the day and didnt ever wanna do anything with her. Im pretty sure they did make out though. anyways this girl is friends with my good friend. my cousin and the girl he was seeing stopped talkin one day for no reason at all. he just wasnt feeling her.


now, one day i called my friend and that girl was with her. so she asked if i wanted to hang out and i said sure why not. keep in mind i did ask my cousin first because i wasnt just gonna step on his toes. i told him that listen i fee weird cuz she wants to hang out and stuff and he told me he didnt care, never felt nothin for her anyway, he was interested in some other girl to begin with and hes sorry he lead her on. so me and this girl hung out the whole summer and we really clicked. so i asked her to be my gf in november and weve been dating ever since.


but it just bothers me still that my cousin had to find her for me. i mean it hurts that i know my cousin still jokes about it sometimes. because we he and i were gettin lunch yesterday with this one friend of his and he was like so i heard ur cousin found a girl for you, looked over at him and said how was she and started laughin. i dont know. i just dont know how to go about this stuff. i like the girl alot! it just sux of all the * * * * i gotta hear sometimes. so what would u guys do? thanks!

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