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There’s an animal climbing


I can feel its retracted claws

warily pacing, quiet as powder falling

on taffeta

But heavier than a Gorgon’s grip

at my throat.


Something wants out --

out of sense,

into Oblivion.

Something aches to pound

A new shape into this red clay


But every shape is lost so easily,


Icing on the cake.

If only I could put this beast

in the icebox to freeze

along with the frostbitten

and unrecognizable,

but crystals just won’t take.

Coals won’t burn,

but the smell of wood and smoke

snakes through my hair.

The clouds won’t rain,

the thunder won’t clap,

but the farther I drive into the storm

the brighter darkness gets.

Lightening wakes me noiselessly,

warning me how naked the

Nape of my neck.


Vivisected without being opened

I carry along entrails

fit for Kings and vultures,

endangered wolves --

fresh as pomegranate and deep dark molasses,

I might offer in a plea.


There’s something stepping through me

Wild with its eyes.

Laying low, breathing on my spine,

filling its jaws steadily

With great bites of thunder

and rain,

only a matter of time,



so ravenous for the chance.



Copyright D.A.F., 2008

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Hey wow, I'm so glad YOU were the first to comment, DYT!




I was hoping you (or someone) wouldn't ask that question, lol! Because I was feeling a mixture of things and it's hard for me to put into words (sooo unlike my prose!!!)...in part, my own building feelings of wanting to grab life by the balls but feeling caged in ways. I guess you'd say, a sense of frustration, frustrated passion (ha, my music will just bring this all out of me!), frustrated RRRR! So that, coupled with some intense inspiration about the story of a poster/friend here that has moved me a lot, someone who I feel has a lot to get out of their system. I was channeling that somehow in relating it to myself. I guess it's just about raw human emotions being stifled in some way, and being almost afraid of their power/force. It was already gelling in my head a bit, and then I flipped on "Lightening Strikes Again" (my beloved Dokken, lol! and I was scribbling away!


Thanks for being a luv and bothering, and asking, lol! Here's to the inner rrrrness!!


(What a killer cute new avvy, btw!)

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