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How can i tell if my friend likes me?

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I think one of my friends is bi! But i don't know. Because i asked her and she said no. But she really acts like it. I wanna tell her i like her but i don't know how to do it! i mean should i just come out and tell her or what? The reasons i think she does is bc when i talk to her she looks me in the eyes and smiles. and she will like turn toward me when she takes her shirt off. And she is always like hittin me on my butt and stuff like that. Alot of guys at our school tells me they think she is bc she acts like it, so if anybody could tell me any other ways i might could tell plz e-mail me at email removed

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You could try flirting with her, and see what she does, or get drunk and kiss her or get close 2 her and if it turns bad just blame the alcohol haha, but seriously just go for it i told my bestfriend i liked her and nothing has changed.. she knows and we still do everything 2gether.. but she doesnt like me back so now i know and can move on. It will depend on ur friend on how she takes it.

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