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OK, here's the thing.

I need help now!

My best friend is taking a drug test tomorrow morning!! and he does drugs, if he fails the drug-test he will have to leave the school!!!

PLEASE ANY TIPS TO PASS THE TEST? besides drinking vinnegar, water, and exercicing...


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Well, thats kind of the point of this test. I wouldn't want to tell you how to cheat on this test.


Maybe he could admit he has a problem prior to taking the test and work out a deal with the school officials. Perhaps they would agree to him entering a treatment program instead of kicking him out if he comes clean with them first.

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you can take one of the drinks that you can find in a head shop, most all of them work and the guys in the shop can recommend one. they do work, i know this first hand. one thing to ensure good results is to definitely drink lots and lots of water in the 2-3 hours before the test. i mean lots. you should feel your bladder near exploding about 3-4 times before going in the bottle. if you do this the urine that ends up in the bottle will look clear like water. the directions for the drink should bear me out on this.


i successfully passed 8 tests in the army and one by my po several years ago and this is how i always did it

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I am with avman on this issue. Your friend made the choice to do drugs, and now they need to pay the consequences. I would suggest to do as avman said and talk to the school about a treatment program. Your friend should use this as a lesson to be a bit more careful when making choices in life. Even what seems trivial, can have a lasting effect. I wish your friend luck in this!

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