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I have been texting someone I met for a month (see last post re: suggestive texts) daily sometimes 3-4 times a day whilst they were on the other side of the world talking about when they come back how great it will be (sexually whatever). They are now back but having heavy visa issues as their company wont sponsor him anymore. Turns out he may only have 2 weeks before he has to leave. He texted me the day he got back called and left a message the next day (not before he left to tell me he was leaving) I sent one or two random texts once he was back seeing how the jetlag was etc then heard nothing from him for 4-5 days. His phone was off all weekend (no he does not have a girlfirend definitely) and I called him Monday am (maybe a bad thing) to see if we could have lunch and so I could ask him why he hasnt contacted me, see him generally, he was a bit stunned I called him am. He called me several times and texted me that day saying he really wants to see me but he is too stressed rigt now sorting this visa thing. I told him I thought it was odd I hadnt heard from him and he said he would maybe see me the coming weekend (nearly 2 weeks since he has been back). He was quite defensive that I expected to see him and said he was tired and stressed.


Do you think it was normal for me to expect to see him on that weekend and that it was ok for me to ask in a non confronting way why I hadnt heard from him? especially as when he was away if he didnt hear from me for 1-2 days he would text me why he hadnt and if i was ok? I also asked him non confrontingly if he was playing me with the suggestive texts which he was quite upset about. The whole thing was a bit odd but he stressed he wanted to see me - I dont know how en are when they are stressed but to me no matter how tired I was I would want to see me? Do I get the hint (which I pretty much have)? Im very confused but glad I asked because at least now Im not freaking out about it and waiting as I was.

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