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Guys, help me out! Messed up and need advice


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Would love advice from anyone but guys especially!


I've been dating a guy about a month. We're getting close, not bf-gf yet, but hanging out and having fun. This past weekend, he invited me to a work-related function and it was great. We met up with a bunch of his friends and coworkers (obviously) and we both had fun. This was our first time going out and doing "couple-y" stuff. We live in the same apartment complex and so our dates have consisted of movie nights at either of our places (no funny business though, just conversation and lots of laughs).


He called last night to say hi and mentioned he had fun over the weekend, and I was trying to joke around and I said, "Yeah, wow, our first time actually going out in public together, who knew!" And he got really quiet and said that he'd introduced me to really important people in his life and he didn't know that I was "upset" that we hadn't gone out in public before then. I really wasn't, it was a dumb joke that misfired. I told him I'd had a blast and the convo ended shortly thereafter. And today, I didn't get a "Hey what's up" text at lunch time. It's weird because I am a Dallas Cowboys fan and last night he called in part to comiserate with me. But besides that, he does text every day, so I texted him and he did get back to me but did not reply to my reply to him. So I just stopped texting him.


I really like him and I was thrilled to meet so many important people in his life and I know I shouldn't have joked about it. I don't know what to do though. A (guy) friend said that if I try to apologize again, I'll look like a doormat and that I should just give him space now until it blows over. During our brief texting today, he did not say, "Hey, I'll call you later" like usual but instead said he was having a long day so he was going to get to bed early. I'm taking that as a strong hint that he doesn't want to talk tonight. I feel so bummed I really don't know what to do except maybe sew my mouth shut from now on.

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The problem is all his, not yours. You made a joke, it backfired, you apologised and clarified, tried to remain friendly. There's nothing more that you can do. Hopefully at some point he will remove the stick stuck up his behind, but if he doesn't, it's his loss not yours.

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