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just need some uplifting advice for a broken heart

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I'm in love with a married man. so basically, i find myself sometimes in the middle of the day, just so down...because i want so much more from him...more than he can give (obviously, hes married) and hes not someone i just wanna mess around with (something we don't do for that reason)... he's someone i want to spend the rest of my life with. it's torture for the both of us (more so me, because i'm the one waiting in a way - balls not in my court)... so i'm moving on...away from him. it hurts too much to not have him... but sometimes we communicate thru emails... to see how we're doing (last one from him).. and in an instance, my world crumbles again and i find myself getting twisted over him .....


i guess what i need are some wise words of wisdom...from someone whose been there. does it get better? will this all make sense down the line? do all things really happen for a reason (i feel like this had brough tme so much pain-accompanied with joy obviously)?


just need a hand to pick me up.

thanks all

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I am sorry to hear you are feeling so low. Unfortunately it is all too common in situations like this. The other woman is left waiting in the wings while the married man continues about his life.


You are strong to be moving on. I think it would be best to cut contact with this person. You need to be free from the constant reminders of the situation and start looking for love from someone who is free to give it to you.


With time, it will get better. But you'll have some really rough days ahead. Keep talking it out, there are great people here on this board. Get out of the house, go out with friends, do some volunteer work and give some time to others that need it (its very fulfilling )

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That's probably for the best that you've cut off communication. He shouldn't risk what he has, and you shouldn't contribute to it. As far as all things happen for a reason, maybe they do. Instead of looking at it like that, see it as it has made you a stronger person.

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I agree with Avman and vlcm999 that you have to cut all contact. You should get yourself out there and do things. When you least expect it you will find someone that will sweep you off your feet. What hurts you now will only make you stronger in the future. Please just take it day by day and everything will get better.


Be strong and you will find what you are looking for.



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