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To anyone who hasn't read my posts... I started posting here a few months ago about my husband's too close relationship with a 15 year old girl. He and I own an independent film company. Shortly after we started this company our friend G joined us as an executive produce, and later on came this 15 year old Girl, A, as an actress and then later on executive producer.


This post doesn't focus entirely on that... but somewhat.


My husband and I were in a small car accident a few weeks before christmas. It was $2800 in damages, and even with insurance a pretty big chunk of chamge came from our pockets to fix the car. Now we are still reocevering financially. For the last few weeks we get our paychecks and are broke a day later (not because we are frivilous, but because we are so behind right now on everything since the accident. We rarely even have food in the house...


And tension is building between executive producer G and I. Me and the girl, A, have pretty much patched up our differences for the time being... but G won't let it go. We have weekly meetings for this company. At last weeks meeting we were discussing our goals for the next year. Well, A was late like always, and someone mentioned something on the website wasn't working right. A is in charge of the website. I said something about her being distracted all the time and never remembering to keep up on it, and that if I had access to the site I could make the change in about 5 minutes. Well, G got up to use the bathroom, came back to the table, grabbed all his stuff and stormed out. My husband went after him. I also went outide to see what was wrong and G started yelling at me about how I need to resolve my issues with A and how I can't keep making myself sound better then her. Now keep in mind G is older then all of us. I am so sick and tired of him overanalyzing everything I say and thinking he is Doctor Phil whenever I'm around. He was a good friend of mine before the company existed, but lately I feel less and less comfortable around him.


Like, a few weeks ago I was working in the eiditng studio. Editing is my bread and butter in this company. I refuse to edit anything with G there because all he does is breathe down my neck and nitpick at everything. But a few weeks ago A (the girl) was sitting with me when I was editing. And G acted in our last film. Well, A asked me if you can make footage go backwards. Well, I was cutting a scene where G was the main person. SO I took this clip of G talking and made it go backwords just to show her how it was done. Well, we thought it was really funny to watch, so we saved it and showed it to G. Well, he got really mad and yelled at me for mocking him, for making him look like an ass, etc. It sooo wasn't like that. It was just some inocent thing that we all thought was funny.


And... on top of all this. I work two jobs. This weekend I received a four month suspension from my second job. The reason: Sometime around June/July I took a hairbrush and a bag of cottonballs into the back room with the intention to buy them. Then I realized I didn't have my debit card on me and couldn't make the purchace. Well, we have a pretty tight security system. At the end of the night we enter a code, and once that code has been entered we have 45 seconds to get out of the store. The other girl who was working with me that night assumed I had already paid for these two items (which totaled $6 btw). So, she entered the lock code and the two of us left the store. Once we got outside she handed me those two things and said "Hey, you forgot this." So, the next day I took the cottonballs and the tag that was on the hairbrush (since I had used it) into work and paid for them. Well, (why it took them so long I have no clue) security saw this on camera and they fired the girl who brought the stuff out and handed it to me. And when I paid, since the girl who rung me out knew this had happened and didn't tell on me, she also got suspended, and I got a four month suspension. I think this is a little extreme. Yes, it was wrong, but I am not a theif. It was a misunderstanding that was taken care of months ago. We depennded on both of my jobs for income. Now how can I even find a second job if people find out why I got suspended from my current second job...?


So yea... this is whats going on in my life.


But, our movie is almost done and ready to premier next month, I guess that is one good thing. And now that I am suspended I have more time to work on film related things.


So, does anyone have anything to say that might make me feel better?



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I wanted to let you know that you need to remind yourself that things will calm down and get better for you.

Right now you have so much on your mind with this film, bills and trying to get along with "A" that it is no wonder you are overwhelmed and stressed out.

Plan things one at a time, you aren't superwomen after all!


And I agree, that is really stupid of your 2nd job. I mean you did pay for it. They should have settled with a lesser punishment then a 4 month suspension.

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I agree with Angel. It was a mistake and misunderstood.

I feel so bad about everything you've gone through lately with A and your husband. And now this?

If finding another second job, I'd be honest and explain the situation. It wasn't theft, it was forgetfulness.

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