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I DONT KNOW what to do! please help


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OK this is my problem...

I work at a local restaraunt and im the only guy server there and the rest are girls. Worked there three years and after 3 years of joking and being basically best friends my and another girl found we had stronger feelings for each other. but she has a boyfriend. We have kissed twice and thats as far as i will allow it to go as long as she has a boyfriend. It doesnt look like the boyfriend is going anywhere anytime soon but i LOVE THIS girl. first girl i have kissed and first i have loved. since we work together we see each other frequently at work. we both know how the other one feels. but nothing changes. we have talked about how we feel towards each other several times and she ends up crying saying, "its just so hard". she still wants to flirt around at work and joke around but i cant do that without feeling hurt. i have tried to push her away a little but it only ends in hurting myself even more. I dont see how i can resolve this situation. PLEASE POST ADVICE! thank you.

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back away...she has a boyfriend and kissing yiou, even though it's not sex is still cheating in my opionion. she is not available right now and you know so...so starting anything is bad news, esp. since you work together. you don't want rumours to start spreading. dating in restaurant bis is very risky, even any workplacr i've been there myself unless you're already in a ltr. people are in everyone's business. I know it's tough to curb your feelings, but until she breaks up with her bf, she should be off limits...and you can't force her to break-up b/c then if she starts regretting it, you'll be the scapegoat. let her do her own thing, until she's availble. i'm sorry be she's just off limits right now.

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Hello there and welcome to enot!


I think you are doing the right thin in pushing her away because she has a bf. She knows what she is doing is wrong and yet she still wants to play? Not fair to either one of you guys.


I think she knows that if she were single it would be a different thing. So she knows what it will take.


Hang in there and don't stop yourself from dating. Plenty of single girls out there.

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No... i would stop this with her...


You don't want to be the 'other man'... it is entertainment for her, but not fair to you or her boyfriend.


tell her if she likes you enough, she has to break it off with her boyfriend honorably, and then you can date. otherwise she is just toying with the both of you.


get out and meet some other people and don't let her distract you from the fact that you want a REAL relationship all the time, not just stolen moments with someone else's girlfriend, which she is.

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