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36 weeks/ dr questions


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Ok ladies, I'm wondering how many weeks you were when you started going to your dr every week. My dr hasn't been the best this whole time and doesn't measure me or check me or anything. He literally walks in the room says "see you in two weeks, tell your mom I said hi". then signs the paper and leaves..... His nurse checks my bp the babys hear rate and my weight but thats all I get.


I'm also wondering when you started to get checked to see how dilated and effaced you were. I'm starting to get anxious about all of this because I have NO CLUE what's going on or what to expect. I don't even know what hospital I get to deliver at. I try to ask him questions, he answers one and then leaves..... thats it. It's like hes so busy he can't take any time to answer some questions. Its obviously a little late to change Drs but it all just started to become a problem (to me anyways) since my 5 other pregnant friends get checked regularly and I havent been since I had spotting at like 18 weeks.


Btw, I just learned last week that he lost his medical license in NY for tax fraud/ evasion and sleeping with one of his nurses...... =/ wish I had know all these things before going to him!

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The nurse does the weight check and blood pressure for me. The doctor does the measurement (tape) and the heart beat. He also checks that the baby is head down.

I won't be checked for dilatation or effacement until week 40. I think this is mostly because most pregnant mothers go at week 39-41.

I started getting check-ups every week at around 36-37 weeks (can't remember properly).

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At my 36 week appt I was given an internal to see if anything was happening... From then on I started going weekly for appt's but my doctor didnt do another internal until my 40 week appt. I post on a baby forum and people say internals are unnecessary and just stress the mom out (if there is no progress).


My doctor does the blood pressure but the nerve checks my urine and weight. Are you sure your doctor doesnt measure you? My doctor feels around my stomach with his hands and he is in fact measuring me. Some doctors dont need tape measures.


Does your doctor listen to baby's heartbeat? I use to think my appt's were pretty uneventful but then I realized its normal....

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My dr has not touched my stomach since week 14 when I got to hear the babys heart beat for the first time. My mom says that he can probably just "measure me with his eyes"...... yeah. hes old, hes been doing it for a long time (the man delivered me!) but I highly doubt thats what he does considering hes in the room for about 1.5 minutes.


and the nurse listens to the babys heart beat before he comes in the room.

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Everything was probably alittle different for me because I was considered high risk but I started being seen weekly at 34 weeks and had an internal done each week afterwards.


The nurse did all the small stuff like checking the blood pressure, weight, etc but the doctor always checked the heartbeat and felt in my stomach.


But honestly, if you haven't had any complications there isn't much reason for you to worry or for the doctor to be doing too much more than he does. As long as they are checking the heart beat , BP and all that everything should be good.


Edited to add: I just saw the part where he lost his medical license in a state, it's alittle late but yea I would see about seeing another doctor. Is he the only one in the office?

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yes, he is the only one in the office. sadly....


i'm not considered high risk but I have had spotting throughout my pregnancy and in the beginning i was diagnosed with a threatened miscarriage. that of course was the beginning and things seem to be different now, but the man doesn't check a thing. his nurse does it all.


i asked to be induced on the 6th of feb and he said its a possibility (my dad is going out of town and i really want him there considering all i have is him and my mom, and I need him to help keep my mom calm so she doesnt nag me the whole time haha). but yeah, he asked what day of the week it was and i said wednesday. he told me THEY only induce on Saturdays...... so now I'm confused.... is HE delivering her or is someone else. and at what hospital?



man, i really wish i had changed drs....

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They only schedule inductions on certain days, ALL hospitals/doctors do this as a convenience/availability thing for not only the doctor but the hospital as well unless it's absolutely necessary. Most won't even do an induction at all unless it needs to be done.


Especially if he's the only one in his office its going to be hard for him to schedule an induction for middle of the week.


Nurses always do the "small" things, no matter what kind of dr's office you go to that is normal.


As far as who is delivering and what hospital, you really need to ask these questions ASAP. The OB office I went to had around 8 different doctors that rotated so I never knew who was going to be delivering my son, not sure how that's going to work with your dr.

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my mom has been seeing him since she was my age so thats roughly 30 years... she loves him to death and has never had problems with him, but i think that because im on medicaid he doesn't worry too much about the type of care i get because he isn't getting paid the full amount he usually bills.



See that is the problem, alot of doctors are that way and it's becoming harder and harder to find a decent doctor who accepts medicaid and provides the best medical care they can for their medicaid patients. It's sad but that's how it is. Sorry you're having to deal with it. Most dr's see it this way for patients with medicaid, they can't charge what they want to they can only get a set amount and it sucks for them so they tend to slack with their care.

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that and my Dr has soooo many patients its like he doesnt have time to see everyone or at least spend a decent amount of time with them. Like i said, all he does is walk in the room say tell your mom hi and ill see you in 2 weeks..... that LITERALLY all he does. people think im joking but im not. the only time hes touched me sice like 22 weeks was to give me the group b strep test. and he never told me anything about it. im assuming no news is good news but i havent heard a thing about any test hes given me throughout my pregnancy.

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I hope your strep B test is still good. I got told you normally get tested for that between week 35-37.


"The test isn't done until late in your pregnancy because GBS bacteria can come and go, and you need to know whether it's likely to be present in your genital area during your labor. "

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I know EXACTLY how you feel! I have been struggling with my Dr. Apts. too. I have a great gyn, but haven't been able to see her while I am pregnant because she's not an OB. thereforeeee, I have been rotating with the four other Drs. in the office. Recently, the two women left to start their own practice, leaving only the two men Drs. left. I thought at first maybe this was why I was not getting much attention- more patients to see and less Drs.- but the problem has been going on since before the women Drs. left. I am 31 weeks pregnant and none of the Drs. have EVER laid a hand on my stomach to check position, size, etc. The nurse takes my weight and BP, but they don't tell me anything about it. Then the Dr. comes in and checks for a heartbeat, says "yep, there it is, see you in two weeks" and leaves. I had to ask about what hospital I would be going to, they haven't given me my preregistration papers for the hospital yet and have told me nothing about preregistering (I heard from a class I took that the Dr. should have already given this to me and I should already have it done). They also told me my pap smear came back abnormal and that I would have to have a colposcopy at 28 weeks. But at my 26 week apt., the doctor said nothing about it and when I asked him, he looked at my chart and said, "oh, yeah, we do need to schedule that for next time- and by the way, you'll get your shot then too." Since this was the first I had heard about a shot, I had no idea what he was talking about. Apparently, I am negative blood and had to have the common shot for this, but no one told me in advance. THen, when I came back in for my 28 week apt, he checked the heartbeat, did my colposcopy, signed my papers, and said I was good to go and he would see me in 2 weeks. I had to remind him that I needed the shot. I thought maybe at first that I wasn't being checked because I was fairly healthy and not having any problems, but after forgetting who I am multiple times and speaking to other friends and relatives who are pregnant or were recently pregnant, I don't think this is normal and I am not happy. This weekend I met an OBGYN friend of my husband's and he said it was not too late to switch at all and that I should definitely do it if I wasn't happy. thereforeeee, I plan to call a different Dr. tomorrow and inform my Dr. at our apt. wednesday that he will need to transfer my file. If I were you, I would call around, speak with other Drs. and see what they think. I know I am! Good luck!

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