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Saying no to a younger person?

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There is a girl that works at my shop who is around 24 or so, about two years older than my daughter. I do think she is attractive (when I mean attractive, I mean she would be gorgeous if I were 20 years younger), and a cool person to hang around with sometimes. I ate lunch with her and two other employees at a nearby restaurant the other day and it was fun but it felt a little strange. She told me that she enjoyed it and wanted to go out again, but just us next time. Hm...


This morning at work she kept talking to me, and kept giving me theese looks, and two of my employees kept laughing and telling me "Dude Mr. Marshall, Caitlin is checking you out."

Very weird morning.

Anyway, Caitlin asked just a few moments ago if we were going out, and I told her that I had to take care of something first...


What does a guy my age, who does not understand the mind of a 20 year old female say? I'm not at all interested, but I don't want to be mean...I want to explain it in a logical way.






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I would wait it out and see if she makes a more direct aproach. She could also just be fishing to see if your interested or is trying to be flirty.

If she makes more direct of an approach tell her what you said here. That if you where younger you would but she is close to your daughters age.

I'm her age. WOuldn't be hurt at all.

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I don't know how much more direct she could be than asking him out. lol


But I agree that just stating that you're flattered and would be all for it if you were 20 years younger, but you're not willing to go out with someone that close to your daughter's age should be fine.


I've been going through the same thing lately.


I'm 32 but it never fails that if I wear my hair up in a ponytail I get approached by 17/18/19 year old guys. I have a 13 year old daughter and it's weird for me(to say the least). I tell them I'm flattered, but I prefer guys my age or older, but if I were younger....


I always say it that way - end with a compliment.

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Well, I told her today at work how I felt and thought it ended great

I told her, "look, you're a pretty girl, and you're nice too but you're a bit too young for me, and you don't want a guy like me who will look like a flour sack in a few years, so sorry but no, I can't go out with you tonight." She seemed a bit downcast at first, but I think she'll be fine...Probobly a gold digger anyway.

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I might be in a similar situation very soon .......except I have to admit I would be interested.I wish I was 20 years younger but there isn't much I can do about that.Most people tell me I look at least 10 years younger than I actually am.I am also painfully shy so these kind of opportunities don't come my way that often.

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