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How are you feeling today, Part Terk2021

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I have been posting and responding to a lot of people through PM near the end of last year and the beginning of this year. It seems to be a common theme that the holidays are the worst time of the year to be apart from what we once deemed "the love of our life".


Well, remember that the person that you were in love with is either not that same person any more, maybe is but is going through a different time right now, or there is someone else out there for us.


Coming to enotalone was one of the best things I did in 2006. I have made many friends through this site, but those helping me, and me helping others. We are not alone here, and there are so many wonderful people out here to help us with advice, sympathy, and a strong eco system of support.


It feels good to come out here and help others that are going through what we are still going through, or for some us, we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


For those still grieving, make 2008 a new starting point. Right down goals you want to accomplish individually this year. I lost what I thought was the love of my life in 2004. I went through a grieving process, and went into a relationship much stronger than the one I had before, and it fell apart.


The lesson I learned is that the relationships we go through, good and bad, are ultimately to prepare us for meeting the true one we are supposed to spend the rest of your life with. We need to learn how to be blessed with the hand we have been dealt, and learn from our mistakes.


We are human, and love is the most powerful emotion. There is nothing wrong with making mistakes, and it's OK to grieve the loss of a relationship. For those still suffering, remember how wonderful it felt when you met that person and the relationship was strong. Well, it may have fallen apart, and you may have the opportunity to have that person back in your life.


If you are still struggling, find a way to develop closure, and set personal goals for yourself. Work on you, and the day will come when the right person will come along and sweep you off your feet. It happened to me twice, and I know it will happen again. The key is not to go look for it, but put yourself back out there, and become that happy person again.


We are all here to support you at enotalone. If you are hurting, remember, most, if not all of us on this board have been there at 1 point in time, and for the most part, we are making it through it, or have made it through it. Click on my link below. I wrote it when I was having one of those good days. I know that there are good days that will be coming, and bad days that will be coming. The key is to have more good days than bad, and that's when you know you are on your way to recovery.


I hope this helps, and I am here if you need to PM me, or just for support. One thing I pledged this year is to give back to this site, and come out and help those that need it. I certainly did last year, and through the 1st half of 2008. We should all make that pledge to come out here and help those that need it. Many of us had, and I am greatful for those that helped me in my time of need.


I wish all of you the best this year, because it's our year.



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I agree Terk. This place has been a blessing for me.


Also with time, things do get better. When we are going through the pain, it is inconceivable for us to imagine that things will eventually improve, but we are here do prove that it really does get better.


Thanks for your words of wisdom.

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