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I think I scared him.....

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ok so today I told my guy friend...we have been going out off and on for about 7 months now.......well tonight I decided to finally tell him that I love him.....well I think it scared him a little bit....because after I told him he really didn't have to much to say...

He's been hurt a few times in relationships....and with the whole "love thing"......well I have been too so I understand where hes coming from....and how its really hard to say "I love you" to somebody.

I really do love him tho...other wise I WOULD HAVE NOT said it to him...because I dont want to get hurt again....but i also feel that it was right of me to tell him just so he knows....and so I'm not keeping ALL my feelings inside............


~*My question is....was I wrong for telling him that I love him even if we are not going out at this time?*~And could he get freaked out about it and like not want anything to do with me? (its been 6 hours since I told him and hes called me i dont know how many times)*~



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its not wrong of you to tell him how you are feeling. people always make the mistake of not telling a person how they feel & then they regret it. i can't say how he is feeling about this, but i also can't say that you did any thing wrong. just give him time. maybe he feels the same, but is scared of what might happen.

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As a guy, I can tell you that there are lots of guys who view the "I love you" as a big ol' mousetrap. It's pretty intimidating, especially if the guy is unsure about his feelings. I don't think you were wrong to tell him, but if he seemed a little uneasy afterward he may be worried about his position. If he does start distancing himself from you, don't attack him about it! He's probably just trying to tell you that he's not as serious as you are, and he doesn't want you to get hurt.

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i know what ur feeling and thought i let you know im in ur shoes at the moment i told my mate that i had feelings for him and it made me look like a diot or feel like one and has messed up our friendship big time.


but theres nothing wrong with it now i believe he didnt want to talk about and thats his problem but honey just give ur friend some time.

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If it was gonna put him off, he wouldn't be calling numerous times - you might have just caught him completely unprepared. If he didn't think you felt that strongly, he might have avoided thinking about his own feelings too closely as well - just relax, if he's still calling, doesn't seem you pushed him away. Give it time to settle in his head

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