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My girlfriend has HPV...can I get it from having anal sex with her?


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Just get tested anyway?


They dont have an accurate way for testing guys for HPV yet unless they are showing symptoms of warts, depending on the strain she has that may never be the case.



Its always possible to transmit any form of STD/STI through any form of sexual contact and yes, HPV can be trasmitted through anal, oral and actual intercourse and because it is transmitted through skin to skin contact wearing a condom isn't 100% protective against it.

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Didn't you post this same question a few weeks ago and everyone said "yes, yes you can"?


So, yes I stick to my original answer. Yes you can. You can also transmit it via oral. Interesting, new studies are showing a link between contracting HPV in throat (via oral sex) and throat cancer (which is quite rare but it is showing it as a factor). Not surprising though as it also is a big risk factor in cervical cancer for women.


There is no 100% way to prevent transmission of STI's, and HPV is highly transmittable. However, there is no way for you to be tested for it and as I said before you are going to have to let ANY future sexual partners know your exposure to it and use condoms. Just because you may not have symptoms does not mean you are not able to pass it on to others. Many women "lose" the HPV (or are no longer "testing" for it); and 80% of women will have had it at some point by the time they are 50, but that does not mean it is harmless and it is best to reduce risk as much as possible.

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