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how do u know if..

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you are asking "what to look for if a girl wants YOU to talk with her" Right...ok i think i got that all...


Well for starters EYE-CONTACT is a Big thing to look for.


2. A smile..


3. Looking your way, when she thinks you don't realize it.


4. "Chemical signals" you don't know your sending them, either does she.


5.She might say "hi" or even something when she walks past you

like "excuse me" again that could Just be manners.


6. biting her bottom lip, like she is waiting...


7. facing herself (posture) towards your direction, maybe hands (OPEN) facing you meaning her body language is allowing this to occur, same with crossing her legs, towards you sometimes means attraction...

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thanks for your advice S4il.. I knew some of those things you said happens to me a lot from this girl.. i just thought i should give her some distance.. because she did tell me that she had a bf.. my approach was not that good.. i dunno i think i'm giving up on it.. i most likely blew my second chance to get to know her better..

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