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the black dog came back... words to keep me going, please?


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for the past couple of months i have been doing ok. getting up, moving on and dealing with life and what i throws at me.

today, i got out of bed for the first time in 2 days having felt unable to face the world.

i'm back to looking for her in chatrooms, wanting to call her up.


don't get me wrong, she's not the only reason i'm feeling like this again.

i'm sure there is an element of PMS in the way i'm feeling right now, but i'm just finding it hard to see any good in my life at all.


i've fought depression for the past year or so, with many up and downs. i just didn't see this down coming at me.


a few words to keep me going might be nice and might help to keep the dark thoughts at bay.

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The world is full of ups and downs. Just as you went down you will climb back up out of the slump.


Remember there is so much of a future ahead of you.

I know when I go through my down cycles it can be very difficult to pull myself out of it. The best things to do during this time is, get on ENA and vent it out, write it out in a poem, listen to music, etc


Hormones suck, but they do straighten out after just a few days. If you need to talk to anyone I'm here I know that talking to someone about it always helps a bit.

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Welcome to the dark days club...

It's all ups and downs, some more than others...but try to remember that you've gotten this far...you get big points for that! If you were weak, you'd have given up long ago. So try to keep yourself busy, distracted, whatever, and this will pass. Oh, BTW...big HUGS to you!!!!


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You needn't say more than "PMS".


Ride it out, baby. A good time to reward yourself for all your excellent work and do something really fun for yourself.


Catch up on a great book. Take a nice bubble bath. Have your favorite food. You get the idea.


This is life. Two steps forward, one step back, and then another 2 steps forward. Consider this recharging time before the next steps.


Hugs, comfyshoes. You've done good. You are allowed an off-day!

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