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So Ladies; babyfaced guys?


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I am unfortunately "blessed" with having a babyface. It's only when I keep some facial hair that I can actually look my age (24), otherwise I look at least 5 years younger.



Do women find babyfaced guys a turn off?


I know how you feel. Im "blessed" with a babyface too. Except im female. I wonder if any guys will look at me sexually, considering 99.9% of them have to go "awww so sweet/cute like a baby or a doll".

They even treat me like one. Gets annoying.

Even when I'm pissed i look like a child who hasn't got her candy.


I dont mind guys with baby faces..its usually very cute, but then too much would also be a turn off. I need to see at least a glimpse of masculinity to be attracted.

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I do not find men with baby-faces a turn-off. I'm a female, and I have a baby-face, too. People always assume that I am in my late teens, and in high school, when I am in my early twenties. I suppose I sympathize with men who look younger than their actual age.


Meanwhile, here is an interesting link about men with baby faces:

link removed.

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I'm 26, but can pass for a high schooler with my face. The thing is you have to prove the stereotype wrong. Hold intelligent conversations with people, work hard, etc. Basically, prove yourself if someone discriminates against you because they think that you are young. In fact, welcome it as a challenge.


By the way, I never had a problem with girls because of my face, and I am very glad to be blessed with it. At the rate I am going I will be early 30s one day and look early 20s at most.

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this is like asking if you like coffee in your sugar. some people do, some don't. some people don't even like coffee.




Not my cup of tea--I tend to like guys with well-defined features (i.e. strong jaw, high cheekbones, a "firm" brow line).


On the other hand, my sister goes nuts for guys with less-defined features, softer cheeks, rounder eyes, a gentler jaw.


I wouldn't say that I wouldn't date a guy with a "baby face," and I know that my sister could go for a guy with a traditionally masculine look. It's not a deal-breaker, just a personal taste.


Don't worry about it.



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