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Do people really make friends at coffee shops?


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Ive been to coffee shops recently hoping to be able to strike up a decent conversation and no one was ever really aproachable. Everyone was w/ someone or on their cell phone.


I am trying to make new friends now. I have noticed that I really do have a fear of groups of people. I cant speak in front of groups unless in class discussing an academic topic otherwise I cannot speak at all. Its like I am at a complete loss of anything unawkward to say.


I only had 3 friends. 2 of them were users and I HAD to stop hanging around them because they were draining all of my money and all of my gas, and my overall emotional well being. The one chill friend that I had left stop talking to me recently I guess b/c she thinks I am a nut. I didnt do anything to her. I just got very angry in a store, and embarrassed her. I didnt even realize what was going on Idk, it happened really fast.


Anyway, she wont answer my calls. I just wanted to apologize. Now, I am trying to make new friends and I dont know exaclty how to go about it. I have about 3 weeks until school starts and I plan on joining lots of clubs and organization and I do plan on attending church this week. I am just wondering how can I get rid of this awkwardness/ shyness around groups.


When I enter a coffees shop or w/e, I feel as though people are looking at me thinking who is that ugly weird girl? Wow shes so ugly and fat. I know some people may not be thinking that some people probably arent even paying attention to me, but I feel like Im being choked when there is a crowd. I'd like to know how I can get over this and feel less weird?? thanks.

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Coffee shops are probably one of the hardest places to meet people. It's better to try and make new friends in a more interactive environment. Volunteering requires interaction with new people. So do political clubs, amateur community sports teams, book clubs, stuff like that.

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i agree. i met some of the best people i know volunteering. i working for an organization called Foodshare. we would go into the harvest after the farmers were done with it and pick the leftover food for homeless shelters. it was a way to get some excersize and meet some amazing people. id say at least give it a go.


heck.. sometimes if i just want someone to eat lunch with i'll invite a homeless person to eat with me in the park. just sit and talk with them... there are some unbelievable stories to be shared. i completely believe this is something everyone should do at least once in their life.

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I think if you are confident enough, people will respond well to you.


I used to waitress in a small coffee shop, and sometimes in my break or after work i'd just sit at the only spare seat, and who ever that was next to- I'd smile and say 'hi' and sometimes that was all it took.


i made hepas of friends that way, and even met a boyfriend who i was with for quite a while.


Keep your chin up- give eye contact to people and SMILE!!! seriously, it is the most powerful weapon you have.


If that doesn't work, just wait until you join those clubs, and then you can meet others with similar interests.


Good luck



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