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What is the definition of a man "*beep*"??? What is he like and how would he act? I met so many different guys. Don't have a preference of any. Would like to watch out for them.




You know how bank tellers know when a dollar bill is counterfeited?


Well, they definatelly don't study conterfeit bills... All they have ever seen is real money, but when a fake one comes around they can spot it off the bat..


Why not look for the good as oipposed to the bad?

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It's actually kind of funny, I think you defined what that kind of person is when you said he gets around a lot!!


I would suspect he'd come on pretty strong, wouldn't easily take no for an answer, but at the same time would be trying to be what he thought you wanted him to so he could get to the next step. I suspect too that he'd also make suggestive comments, or make sexually oriented jokes. He'd likely end up being more interested in himself than you, but would probably try to hide that from you.

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I think it's too late for the part where he thinks more of himself. As for the sexual jokes or comments...he joked about how good it felt to be kissed by the ear or back. Joked about being a "pro" at un-snapping bras. I don't want to get too censored here...but, he also would say stuff like..."you wanna go lie down"...thanx!!!! What do you think????

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One thing for sure, don't go along with his games etc. or whatever it is he wants to do. If he doesn't get what he's after, maybe he'll leave you alone.


Have you been going out for long? If not, you can probably get yourself away from him faster and more easily. If it's a long term thing and you've just realized now, it will be emotionally more difficult, but if it's not what you want, and it's making you uncomfortable, then do try and break up.

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He'd likely end up being more interested in himself than you, but would probably try to hide that from you.


That's a distorted viewpoint of men from a womans viewpoint. Women see talking or being concerned with ones self in a conversation as being rude, but in a guys world it is an accepted norm that ALL men attend to.


But yeah, since he is a player he would probably be familiar with the fact the women find that rude, and try to hide it.. All men who are experienced with women do that to a point, even the good ones.....

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Okay. I'm starting to see the full picture now. You figure he's fooling around with other women.


This is going to be tough. I can now understand why you're so upset.


Do you want him out of your life? I think you said ealier that you did.


One thing for sure, before you actually do anything drastic, you might want to make sure your suspicions are correct.


Do you live with him? If you do, and have decided for sure that you want to distance yourself, maybe you can think about places you can go, or poeple you can stay with until things get sorted out. You can try to kick him out if that's what the situation calls for, but that might be more difficult. Of course, that may be easier considering your child. You may find it very difficult to leave.


If you don't live with him, then you may have to have a talk with him, tell him that you can't handle the way it is, and start distancing yourself from him physically and emotionally. Again, look up some friends to be with and help you through it all.

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We live with each other. All I do is stay home and watch the baby. He goes to work from 8a.m-5p.m....I've always had this "gut" feeling he got around. One day I got tired of it. So, I asked him if he gets around...he said no. See my problem is I fell for everything he said to me. Now, it's kind of sad to get over. Right about now, I am regretting everything. Sexual harassment would be a good idea if he doesn't leave me alone. Thanx everyone for your advice!!!! I've learned from it. I see that he on the outside expressed himself a good man. In the inside, he was this horrible manipulator who tried anything to keep me from knowing his real self. I guess the reason why I "fell" for him was cause I didn't know him completely. We came from different towns. Now, I do. Thanx again for your help!!! I am in tears!!!!....(sigh)....

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