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I plan at least a couple ideas of what I could talk, but ...


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Well I was dying to meet this one girl at my skool, and finally got a chance at our dance a few weeks back (hey I got the courage to ask her to dance so yipee for super shy me ^_^ ). Anyways, I've been trying to talk to her at school, and most of the time things don't go to well. I get a conversation going for instance, I ask her if she saw Scary Movie 3, what she thought of it etc.. and I just get a really crummy reply, maybe a shrug. Now after a bunch of these experiences I got the feeling she really isn't interested in me, so I just kind of distance myself from her. So what do I get? She starts talking to me in the hallway, about whatever, or even a hi. I start talking to her, and well things go back to "Lets-Give-Primal-a-shurg-and-not-even-look-at-him-if-possible". Any ideas what I atta do? I mean I plan at least a couple ideas of what I could talk about b4 I talk to her, and 75% of the time things just go sour >_

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i hate to say this but it seems like she is using you as an "Ego Boost" to make herself look good, than when you don't talk with her she is back at your feet begging for attention than when you show it again it goes cold.....yea you meet quite a bit of these girls in life, and I'm happy to say your going to learn from this, and it's confusing because you feel like you did nothing wrong, if you want to know where you stand with her, ask her if she would be willing to hang-out sometime, BUT do not set a date/time...that will set you up for rejection, even if shes asks, just say back,


"Well whenever you have some free time, Let me know ahead of time"


again you have NOT said something like "how about Friday" than if she didn't like you she would say "Oh i have something planned" after you pitch an invitation you can than relax, and wait.....and wait....for about 3 days, or 2...if she hasn't given you an answer back, just say "You have free time yet, and wait..if she says when, set a date, if she says she is busy APPLY THE PRESSURE, say oh yea I'm busy that day myself, i forgot, how about (and say another day) see where this goes my friend, You get understanding, and if it seems useless, than it probably is...forget about her and move on.

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What a strange situation! Maybe she only likes to talk to you on her terms? Perhaps the times when you've approached her she has been pre-occupied with other things and/or not in the mood to talk.


It's a bad situation for you because if you distance yourself she might think that you're interested (when you obviously are) but when you do distance yourself she approaches you more. And of course that makes perfect logical sense


As you become more comfortable around her you could eventually ask her, "Hey why is it that when...".

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Yeah it is an odd situation. Iunno about bad timing, I usually pick to actually "talk" (more than saying, hi whts up while passing when she's at her locker etc... well u get the point, when she doesn't look particulairly busy(damn I wish I had a class w/ her). The topic of discussion? Don't think so either (still I'll take a look into it). Though I'll keep in mind to ask her one day, IF I ever get ne further


Thanks for the tips S4il, now that I think about it, maybe I atta ask her 4 her aim/yahoo/msn sn. Don't think there is a student in my school w/o one


Any other suggestions still welcome.



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Yeah, girls always mess with you head like that.


I thought of an idea. You say she initiates conversations with you when you try to distance yourself? That's cool. Next time she does, carry it out as far as it will go. Be charming and friendly; act like you're kind of interested. But afterwards, continue to hold off from initiaing conversation. Let her start the talking. If she continues to say hi and talk to you and seems to enjoy your company, then you can start approaching her again. Just a thought, but worth a try.

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