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Advice needed about what to do with my job.

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My manager is not a very nice man. He targets me in particular and this has been noticed by other employees.


As a result of last weeks incident, a common occurrence, where something will irritate him once every month or so and he will tear shreds off me infront of customers and coworkers, yelling, telling me to quit or leave. Despite this he readily accepts that I am a good worker...after two years under this man I am thinking I cannot continue to work for someone that does not respect me at all.


So I told someone I know at work I am looking to change departments. This got back to another manger who has asked me to fill in some shifts for him. Me trying to change departments has infuriated my manager. He is not happy because it happens to him often, he thinks it makes him look bad.


I was offered a shift in another department on a saturday. The catch, because I am fulltime my department will be charged and not the new one I want to work in, I won't be paid but I can use the hours for time off.


So I can easily see that the new manager would want to use me during the busy time and not offer me a permenant job - as it is a free worker to him. That atleast is what my boss has said he is doing.


Now my boss is even more annoyed at me than usual, this has gone all the way to the top of the store. In the end one of the big bosses said I could work as the shift needed to be covered. Normally this would not be such an issue but the big problem is this - I want to return to university next year and I need some sort of job 8-10 hours per week to pay for petrol, books, and some fees. I am terrified I am going to be sacked because I don't think there is a lot of othert jobs I could get being only willing to work limited hours.


Also I am big and ugly so it will be more difficult for me to get a position in any other service type job where one can typically work limited hours.


My reputation with my current boss has been severly damaged and I am very worried about what I am going to do. This is stressing me out too much. I need to cut down my hours, if I start school, which would result in me losing permenancy status and my manager could fire me at will.


I feel like I have been caught up in a management dispute and used as a pawn in their little games.


This is causing me so much stress because I have zero confidence in being able to find another job quickly. I should probably move on anyway, but the stress this is causing me is not normal.


So now I come home at 12:30 I have to get up to go to work at 7 am, and I am stressing like mad. Fantastic.


Such a terrible week, everyday I have been getting hell off my manger because one of the other departments managers wants me to work for him a few days... its beyond a joke. All sort of drama and arguments I am caught up in a fight because manager A hates manager B, I am thinking of going in tomorrow, working saying I don't like it then apologising to my manager and saying he has the best department and I'd like to stay. Then I'd be right back where I started getting hell off him and being forced to work more hours than I can handle with school. Basically cutting off my testicles.

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With the experience you have in the service industry surely you could get another similar job, say in a supermarket or something. Those kind of places love having students part time don't they?


Experience doesn't mean a thing its all about whether or not you fit the mould of what they want for an employee. When you arrive.... right time or wrong time. After christmas is not best time of year to be looking for a job.

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Look, you've got three options here.


1. Quit and find another job. It's only as hard as you make it. If you think that your face isn't going to fit and all that other crap you're coming out with then you're not going to have much luck. But if you go into it thinking positively, and make the most of yourself and your experience, then you'll be successful.


2. Stay and continue to be unhappy working for both bosses, as their little toy to fight over.


3. Brown nose to your manager, claim it was all a mistake to work for the other and continue working just for him and be unhappy.


Your choice.

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My advice is when the titans are clashing above you, keep your head down and out of range.


These kinds of power struggles are very common in business, especially if open hostility like this is tolerated by the company.


Kind in mind that they wouldn't be fighting over you if they didn't think you were an asset (and wanted to keep you). If they wanted to get rid of you, they'd be trying to push you away or GIVE you away to the other manager to get rid of you. so the more intense the squabbling over you, the more value they see in you. nobody fights hard over something they don't want.


at this point i wouldn't try to take back that you wanted to move depts. that damage is already done so to speak (though may not have actually been bad because they obviously see you as valuable). perhaps your old boss will respect you now for standing up to him (even if he doesn't like it).


so now it is more about how powerful these two are against each other and in the company. one of them will eventually win, and you go with that person. best not to take sides now in case you judge wrong as to who has the real power of the two.


so be pleasant, professional to both of them, tell them you just want to do the best job you can, and let them duke it out. whoever wins, wins you.


then make separate plans for when you go to school. look around and see if other part time jobs fit your needs better. i don't think they'll fire you anyway as long as here is work.

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