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Am I orgasming? PLEASE someone help!


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Okay, so I'm new to sex (only about a month). I don't think that I've had an orgasm when I've been with my boyfriend, but recently I've started experimenting on my own (something I hadn't done before). I've masturbated with the jets in my bathtub (oh my god, such a rush - definitely recommend it if you haven't tried it) and with a handheld massager. I've gotten to the point (and it's easier in the tub) where I feel a sudden really pleasurable rush almost like I have to urinate (...though I don't...). This only lasts a few seconds and goes along with involuntary stomach muscle contractions. It feels really good, but I don't know if I've really felt that release that people associate with orgasms. Is what I described an orgasm? Or am I on the right track? Someone please help me because I feel lost.

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It takes practice to know where your spot is and what feels the best to you. Every person is different.


Best description I can come up with... I feel warm rush inside followed by a "release". Basically it hits the roof then just everything just relaxes by it self.

Afterwards my whole body shakes from it. lol


Hope that helps

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Hmmm...stomach muscle contractions? I've never had those, but I can agree with the "contractions" part..just in a different spot...You'll feel release and calm afterward, and a sense of total satisfaction... What you describe is more of a good beginning, but you're on your way to the actual climax.

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everyone has them differently, so that may very well have been an orgasm for you. keep in mind, they get better the more you know yourself and work out which method works for you. keep trying different motions, speeds, pressure etc.


the only way i can describe mine are this warm tingling sensation from within that keeps on building. as it gets stronger its gets warmer and my body starts to twitch until i get this explosion from within, my vagina begins to contract -kinda like kegel exercises if that makes sense?- and i slowely relax as the feeling starts to subside and i feel satisfied. depending on how intense it was ill sometimes be shaking afterwards and can feel it for quite some time afterwards. then im quite sleepy haha


sorry if this was too graphic for anyone >_

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