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Back With My ex Think he's seeing someone


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My ex and I are back together after being broken up for 3 months. During those three months he dated another women and ended it with her. She has been calling him. The one time was while I was with him. He didn't answer the phone. He says he never answers when she has called,but I have a feeling he is not being honest with me . He cheated on me in the past and I have a feeling he may be seeing her when he's not with me. I'm trying very hard to trust him but its eating me up inside and it seems this is all I can think about. Is there anything I can do to find out if indeed he has been seeing her?

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Hmm... I probably shouldn't suggest this, but if you're desperate enough... you could always check his phone records. If he has his own line and he's not the type that deals with online accounts, you could open one for him if you know enough personal information (I think you only need like his cell phone number and maybe his birthday and stuff... can't remember.) Most cell phone companies details the calls that were made and how long as well. So you could technically get your proof that way. OR, while he's in the bathroom, check his cell phone and check his call logs and see if he really hasn't been talking to that girl.


(Not that I've had experience with this at all... =P)


But here's my warning though, if you don't trust him for whatever reason, I highly doubt that the relationship will last. You don't want to have to second-guess him for the rest of your relationship...

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