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Condoms as only form of protection?


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Ok...well the reason I asked was because I can't/won't take any other form of birth control because of various risks, family history allergies etc...and condoms are the only Birth control so far I 've found that I can/will use. My "boyfriend" (Guy I'm dating as its not yet official....hasn't been that long) has had a crazy gf in the past who stopped taking BC and poked holes in his condoms and got pregnant. I haven't told him I'm not on BC because we aren't at that stage yet/aren't yet ready to have sex this moment, but I'm sure it's going to come up quickly and I'm really scared of what his reaction will be to only using condoms. I don't have any STD's, and I do want children just not yet so I'm not a crazy hole poking girl....but I am still worried he'll just say sorry or that he won't want to have sex a lot or something to that effect.

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Wow that is surreal. Did he prove she actually poked holes in them??? That is totally insane behavior. I don't see how someone could be so psychotic, and not display the signs somehow.


If this is true, I'm sure he knew that she was a little unstable, so he should be able to differentiate between you and her as far as trust goes. But geez, if I was that guy, I might very well be less inclined to have sex if she wasn't on BC until I developed a high level of trust.

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Most won't care --at least not at that moment. However, YOURS might care since a girl he slept with got pregnant and she had misled him.


But really, who cares what he thinks? There's nothing you can do about it. You're certainly not going to start taking the pill just to please him, I hope. Consider the health of your body as more important than any "guy you're dating". I know that's not easy, but you really need to look at it that way. If they aren't ok with your not wanting to mess up your system with synthetic hormones, then too bad. Let THEM take the hormones then. Hormones don't work well on some people.


Try not to worry about losing him. Try to let him worry about losing you.

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