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Yay, im gonna find out the sex in a few weeks


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Just got back from a doctors appointment with my girlfriend.

Everythings pretty copasetic ( sp? ) right now. We get an ultrasound done the 23rd to see the sex.


we checked heartbeat also.. i heard that if it's fast one, then it's a girl and if it's a slow one then its a boy? is that true or just an old tale.


I'm pretty nervous though, because they're getting blood done to check for nurotube defects and some other defects....

she started takeing vitamins about 7 weeks after she concieved so it could have a nuro defect.

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The heartbeat thing is pretty much a myth so dont count on that too much.


Other than that glad everything looked fine, Don't be nervous about to testing, it's routine and if something is found wrong they can usually find a way to fix it or handle it.


and What do you mean she started taking vitamins that could cause a defect? what kind of vitamins?

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I am very excited for you! Another fun thing to do is to check the chinese calendar. It is basically a myth but some people really believe it for determining sex of babies. Mine was correct and I have known it to be correct for a few other people as well! It may not be true but it is still fun.

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I think the heart beat is an old wive's tale.

The prenatal vitamins contain folic acid. I didn't take them either at first. I was actually screened positive on that test... the baby is fine. Don't worry to much if you are screened. I know a lot of people that got the extra hormones.

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