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He stood me up. Silence for a week, now he's apologizing.


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I just rekindled with an old flamme (15 years later). We've been chatting for a while and had plans to meet for supper at my place (with his and my kid) during the holidays. The day before our "date", he learned that his mom is dying of breast cancer. It was quite a shock to him. I then asked him if he wanted to come for supper or cancel. He said that unless something major happenned, he would come for supper.


The evening of the supper arrived and he never showed up. He then send me an email at 7pm to say that he was sorry, but didn't have the courage to call me at 3pm to cancel because he was going with his family (sister, dad, etc) to see his mom and lend her support.


Let us say that I was quite upset. Not upset because he chose his family over me, but because he didn't have the guts to call me.


I send him a reply telling him that.


Then no news for a week...


Today I receive an email saying that he wanted to take a few days to truly put himself in my shoes. That he realized that he was coward and that I was right in being disappointed in his doing. He then apologized in being hurtful and treating me this way. He finished in saying that he cares about me and he doesn't expect anything from me.


What do you think? Is this B*llsh*t or is it sincere? I'm not sure what to reply to this. Any help would be appreciated.





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At least he realized his mistakes and apologized, and to me it sounded sincere. I definitely wouldn't dump him for this! He's just going through a hard time. Just forget about it and let him know that you there for him - you would want the same if you were losing your mom.

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