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Moms returning to work


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Well, after a 5 month maternity leave, I will be going back to my job. First, part time (to get my feet wet), then full time next month.


Any words of wisdom from working parents?


I am looking forward to returning to work, but I am also very worried about how I will balance it all: wife, mom, housekeeper


I am lucky that I do not have to worry about paying for childcare or worrying about the quality of my son's care, because my mother and sister will be watching him. So at least that part will be easy.

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You'll likely find your main purpose in life has shifted somewhat. This may result in you not always being on the same page as you coworkers all the time (don't know whether you were or were not before!)


You'll find you can't always go out with the single and unattached people like you perhaps used to, and over time the invites will drop off and your social circle will change slightly. You will find on the other hand that you now have more in common with other parents.


Some people will find it great that you spent time with your new baby away from work and will say what a good thing you've done (I agree). Others will seem to give you the impression that you've just taken a big huge holiday and it's now time for you to make amends and catch up (I have one of my managers like this). This will tend to be males who are either kidless or haven't taken an equal part in child rearing or women who haven't had kids yet (but don't hang me for generalizing!). You'll get past that part though, no problem.


Hopefully your boss will allow you the extra flexibility you need in attending to the extra things a new child brings into your life. You'll be surprised ow many will be sympathetic to you caring for another while at work.


All in all, not a huge change, but definitely some subtleties. Different people will react differently.

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I'm not a parent but you've taken the time to give me advice in the past so I thought I'd at least try to say something.

It might well be a struggle at first. You'll probably feel a little out of the loop to begin with and you might find yourself getting really tired. But just relax and take your time with it. It's good that you're starting off part time as that will definitely help to ease you back in gently.

And the other plus is that you don't have to worry about your child while you're there, because you know he'll be looked after properly.


Good luck with it.

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I returned back to work a year and a half ago after having my daughter and found it really good for me. While at home on maternity leave I felt like I had nothing going on in my life but being a mother! I was very apprehensive and also felt guilty, even though I was leaving her with her father during the day (he works at night), but I actually enjoy my job and that part of my life a lot more now -- it also seems less stressful compared to raising a child! For me it was like getting a piece of my old life back after having my daughter. Don't worry about it.

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I've started working after 1 month after I gave birth. Thanks God I didn't hav to go to my office everyday, my boss let me work from home (I am an editor of one site). He said he can't replace me, so he jus begged me to work.


To tell the truth, I was happy to "help him out" and help myself wit money, cos the father of my baby wasn't helping us wit money at all... Well, now my baby is 7 month old, I am working and I find it very easy to be taking care of my lil baby and work, cos I made news while my baby is sleeping or plays in her bed... Yes, it was kinda hard at first, but all I wanna tell u is - Don't worry, it wouldn't be harder that giving birth... LOL..

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