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Boyfriend Problems, I don't know what to do!

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My boyfriend and I have been together for about 2 1/2 years now. He invited me to go with him to Virginia for Thanksgiving to see all of his family. (We live in Florida). I've never been to Virginia and I want to go, but I'm scared...We have been fighting horribly for the past year now. He is obsessive and has to control who I talk to online and what I wear. He weighs over 100 pounds more than me, and he goofs off and jumps on me and throws me around, and I get bruises and sprains all the time. He sees me cry and he laughs and laughs. He blows me off when his friends are around and the minute they are gone, he calls me and HAS to see me. I don't know if I should go with him or not. If we do get in a fight, I can't exactly come home. We will be there for 9 days and I need to figure out what to do. Please help!!

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Tell him how you feel. You have to be honest here. Don't expect that he knows how you feel until you tell him. Give him some time to respond to it while you are out of the picture. Just tell him and give him a couple of days to think it over. If he responds with something like, "I'm sorry I'm hurting you.", then continue the relationship but make sure things change. If he blows you off again, just walk away. You deserve better. If you are being physically hurt by this man, then you need to get that stopped, one way or another. Its up to you to stand up for yourself.


Best Wishes,


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It sounds like you are not opening your eyes up to possible abuse. Are you two playing when he is jumping on you, and stuff or are you arguing at that time. If ya'll are playing sit down with him, and explain to him that it hurts you, and explain to him he doesn't realize how strong he is. If you are not comfortable about going with him on this trip, then I would not go. If it were meant to be you will eventually make the trip there when you feel in your heart that the time is right. Good Luck!

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I agree with the previous posters - tell him how you feel about how he treats you. He doesn't sound like he has very much respect for you or has very much consideration for your feelings. If he ignores you or doesn't take you seriously when you tell him what you feel about his behaviour and actions then I would leave him - you don't have to put up with that.

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