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Im lost... and losing my friends...


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Its kinda long but bear with me please.


Im 19 years old in my first year of community college. I have never had a problem with not having friends, in high school i was one of the "cool" kids i guess and i partied too much and slacked off so I am going to community college. I realized that being cool in high school ment nothing and now im just a loser and a piece of * * * * , so I decided to get a job and get my life together by quitting smoking pot and drinking less and focusing on school so I can go to a university.


All my friends went to Universitys except a couple that are stuck at their homes with me. 1 drinks by himself alone about 4 nights a week and has a crazy girlfriend that gives him problems, he lives off his parents and doesnt have a job, he just dropped out of college. The other smokes about a dub a day, everyday and is clearly addicted to marijuana. I heard u couldnt get addicted to pot but clearly he is addicted he even admits it. He also doesnt have a job and lives off his parents aswell. I was like them then i decided to change and now they r both starting to talk * * * * behind my back because "i think im better than them now". Here is exactly what my best friend said to me today...


My friend: Wow tim you must be very happy in your life... you have changed, me and doug were talking about your * * * * * ass... its funny how you think your now better than everyone cause you have a bus boy job! congrats on that! i wish you would see the picture tim and grow up... only your friends think your cool and those are the only people you act cool around and try and make fun of... watch your self tim we are all you have... TAKE THE TRUTH LIKE A * * * * * , * * * * * ! (doug is the other friend)


The reason they think this is because sometimes I will give them advice to change and coming from me they dont want to hear it but im just looking out for them because I dont want them to end up as pieces of * * * * their whole lives. Maybe I come off cocky but i dont mean it in that way.


They are my only friends that stayed in my town with me, my only real friends that i can hang out with at this point in my life and im losing them because im trying to change. I also havent been able to find ANYONE to hang out with from my college. I have no problem talking to people and im not shy at all and people tend to enjoy my company in classes and stuff but I just havent found any1 that I really liked and wanted to hang out with. Now im losing my only 2 friends i have and i dont know what to do. Im lost right now, its depressing as hell, 1 year ago I was socially at the top and now I have no friends. It sucks...


I guess i just needed someone to explain my situation to since i have no one else to talk to what do u guys think I should do or what advice do u guys have for this. Thanks alot guys

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