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depression blows. i'm sick of it. i care about nothing anymore. can somebody please help me i'm falling deeper and deeper and i just want someone to talk to although i'm not sure what about. if anyone is out there that can help me please do it. i feel so worthless and stupid and helpless. i'm starting to not even care wethere this 8 ball and this bottle of wild turkey will kill me or not. wwho gives a anyway i'm just talking outta my ass.

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how can i NOT fight it. as stated above i'm normally a very happy and posative person. now i have no money no job no father and i can't support myself. i cant take it all in at once. it's too overwhelming.


Well crap! Anyone facing all of that would be cliff hanging. Dang, I'm sooo sorry!

I haven't read all of your posts, but what happened to your father...if you don't mind me asking. If so, don't answer.


The job? Are you still with your gf?

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