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Catch Him and Keep Him? Christian C's ebooks


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Ok, I'm not a woman. But.....


1) I will not comment on the eBook.


2) I will say that - in my opinion - that "getting guys' advice here on eNA" is NOT sufficient


It helps but it shouldn't be the only source.


It's like the way some people treat the world's religions. They take a little bit here and there and make their own.

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I have heard he is the same guy that advises men how to be Pick Up Artists....if true, that to me (giving advice in opposite directions) is a bit questionable.


I used to get his emails for some reason (somehow I was on his mailing list!), if his e-books or CD's are any bit as long-winded as his emails (saying things in 10 paragraphs that you both already know, and could be done in two sentences) I think it's not worth it - it is pretty basic and stuff you can figure out through various advice given here, or even just buying a decent relationship or self-help book for a lot less money. Essentially, his message is same as the main message I and others give out here - you need to be confident in yourself as a person - THAT is attractive, and learn how to communicate - and choose men that aren't duds.


I know someone whom has a copy of one of his programs (CD's/workbook) (not sure which one....); I am quite sure she would part with it if you were interested in having it - PM me if you are.

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I used to get his emails for some reason (somehow I was on his mailing list!), if his e-books or CD's are any bit as long-winded as his emails (saying things in 10 paragraphs that you both already know, and could be done in two sentences).


YES YES YES! Thats why I quickly lost interest. He just goes on and on about the same thing, and it takes him forever to get it out!

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ha ha.. yeah i got those emails too... and a lot of it is just common sense.


Things like,


Don't be clingy and needy.


Dont' say i love you on the first date.


Because i thought this was just someone's way of making money, you know what i did? I signed up for these emails for the GUYS... to see what they had to say about "How to attract a woman"


And it was all a bunch of poo.


So I thought, if someone is telling a guy how to pick up women like this, and it seemed totally ridiculous... then surely its the same way around for the advice for the woman.


Anyway, people can give you all the advice in the world, whats right for them... but it might not be right for YOU and the future love of your life.

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Giving girls "catch & keep him" advice is the same as giving "Get the worlds sexiest woman" advice to men or "become a millionaire in 30 days" advice to people in general - maybe "the one" will pass you by while you're reading that useless crap...


It's all about getting as much contacts as possible with other people - the more you know, the more friends of friends you'll meet & so on, which will grow your possibilities of getting a partner in high-speed...

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I actually purchased the E-book and while it is all just basic common sense, some of us tend to lose sight of that, and forget ourselves, when we're 'in love' -- I passed it on to a friend of mine who was being ridiculously clingy and annoying at the time, she read it, she got it, she thanked me ... and she ended up with the guy!


So who knows, huh?!


I thought it was just some good, positive reinforcement. His delivery/style does leave a bit to be desired, though. Bit of a blowhard.

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Does anyone know of a good book or author on the subject of making your husband happy?


I know most of it is common sense but I wonder if I can find some further insight into the needs of men.


Men are from Mars women from Venus?


That one pretty much shows you the differences in communication between men and women and why conflicts tend to arise when living together and in a marriage.

However maybe you got that part down. I read in another one of your posts when you were mad at your husband you wrote him a letter.

That is one of the "tactics" written about in that book.

Another thing is they explain alot about why men tend to "go into their cave" (=go quiet and try and work out their problems on their own in their mind). Basically it explains the rubber band effect.

You could just borrow it from your local library and see the usefully pointers in it.

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Oh gosh lovey, these people make lots of money over the internet, selling stuff like this. Is he a qualified Psychologist? Has he had many years of practice?


Has he conducted quantifiable research on this topic?


I bet the answers to all those questions is "NO". Do not waste your money, or worse yet... don't waste your time.


There are actually a lot of people who write these books as a scam and to make money. I am reading a book about it now, they even boast about how much money they've made and in how little time.

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how is writing letter a tactic? you mean to say that it's a female tactic? i'm confused.


It's a tactic to communicate.

Sometimes when you feel completely lost like you just have so many things on your mind to tell your partner or husband but think they may just not listen/get it or you just don't know where to start, the book recommends writing a letter with diffrent things in it which are on your mind.


The book explains it so much better then me as you can see lol. I don't remember exactly what tips they gave, etc though.


Another thing they mention in the book is how women (sometimes men also) communicate and say "you NEVER do such and such" or "you ALWAY do ....". And these are things which also damage the communication and understanding of each other. They give ways to come accross more effectively and resolving issues which are bothering the person.

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