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My man doesn't kiss me that often, yet when he is watching tv, a few times I saw him turn the channel back to a channel where he saw this couple making out and kissing, and after that scene was over, he turned it. And when he sees a show with couples kissing or stuff he leaves it there and watches it. Does that mean he wants someone else or what? Why does he only watch that part and then turn it? And when I come in the room he will change the channel. Why is he acting like he wasn't looking at it when I know he was? But last night he did that but later he was really loving to me and kissed me and everyting and told me he loved me. So what is a man thinking when he sees a channel w/a couple making out? If he changes the channle or something does that mean he wants someone else or wants to cheat on me since he's hiding watcing it? Or what doest that mean? I'm confused. And it makes me feel hurt when I see him changing the channel when I walk in. Like I can't trust him. So when you see a scene like that are you thinking of your s/o and wanting to do that w/them, or are you wishing you were with someone else or thinking about the person on screen?

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I wouldnt think that for a second.


Him looking at these romantic moments and then switching the channel kinda shows he is afraid to show you he has emotions.


He may be longing for that kind of passion, or he wants to feel that kind of intense feeling. but it is difficult for him. he may just be having a hard time letting his emotions out.


Si I dont think its that he wants someone else, but it could be he wants something more from you or himself.

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How often do YOU kiss HIM??? I mean really go after him. Im guessing not that often. Guys like to be chased just as much as women, but you very seldom do. When we have to do all the chasing all the time it quickly gets old. My advice... next time you come home atack him. When he asks where that came from say someting along the line of you saw him and just couldn't help yourself. You'll stur something up in him. If you make him fell like the king of the world he'll make you feel like the Queen.

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I think that he is probably thinking about kissing you when he sees them kissing, isn't that what most of us think of most of the time?? He may wish to have some more variety in the sex department, but you'll have to ask him that yourself, it is called communication--you tell me something, I listen then I respond, and then I tell you something....

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