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Major Faux-Pas in Getting Back Together


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ok, Is there anyway to rescue yourself from telling someone that you love that you are only interested in friendship??


I told them we wanted to be friends and it back-fired now this person does not want to talk to me. Does it mean that I made the wrong move? I just said it to relieve all the tension!! HELP!

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What happened?


To me, you should tell them as soon as possible before their emotions grow cold.


I recently had a friend tell me this and my feelings have died for him. I don't really care what he does now anymore. I didn't stay friends b/c I would have stayed in the same state of attraction withouth moving on. It understandable if they don't want to be friends b/c its obviously very beneficial to get over someone who doesn't recipricate.


For now on, remember that honesty is the best policy. Otherwise, you're caught in torturous situations like this one.

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