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Is enotalone helping?

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A couple of days ago I found myself having to leave my wife, my fault.


Anyway, I have been here almost constantly since, even when at work.


I don't seem to be able to get stuck into my work or anything else for that matter, so constantly read all the threads on this site.


Is this helping me? Had good advice but does reading all the others problems help me?

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You know, for a period of time reading others' posts REALLY helped me because it not only got me to see that others were going through the same pain and confusion regarding "Why?" and "What if?", but also it got me focused on helping others.


eNA has opened my eyes to some approaches to life I never would have considered had I not found it, but I feel I'm at the point where I need to start making some decisions for myself and on my own. For that reason I've been spending more time in "offline" life and, if I'm visiting the site, I branch out to other areas apart from the break-up boards.

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yeah, i too right after my breakup immersed myself here. It is very cathartic and healing for me to see that "i'm not alone." posting to others and having others post to me...I'm starting to ease myself off the site as I'm spending mpre time here than I should. after a month now, I'm healing nicely and will slowly once again venture off the site until my next breakup. i don't know where I'd be without this site...all the days when I felt so alone. i think for now, do what you need to make yourself feel better and if you find your work sufferring or you are too "addicted" to the site, then you can slowly ease yourself off. i wouldn't worry too much. As long as you start building and healing in real life as well.

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Hey Onmyownagain


I just have this to say - yes. I think it CAN be helpful.


I came here over a year ago because I was having a hard time. At first, like you, l was here ALL the time. Too much. I think I was literally addicted.


But it becomes less of a crutch over time and I think you'll find yourself GIVING advice that will help give you perspective in your own life as well.


I don't know if you'll be here a year later, like I am, but even if you are, it will prolly be because you're finding it enriching or still getting something from it in some way.


That can't be bad, can it?

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I think enotalone is helpful however they don't usually see the fruits of their labor. Once you're helped, its time to move on because you don't want to stay here with the same dwelling problems.


I think its a great site.


On another note, I like to read what people write and offer my advice...I also like to receive any bit of advice on various decisions in life and this place provides that. Advice is nice- you can take it or leave it, also.


It can also be very addictive which means its not as helpful if not handled correctly. ALl in all, it depends on who you get into conversations with. Some advice is very healing...even if it initially hurts...some advice though, given from people who dno't know you personally...can be stingingly insensitive.

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