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Gf asks a question, advice please!

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I visited my gf today and she asked me a question that i wouldnt expect while we were kissing. The situation started when she said lets see what happens when i kiss David (which is a friend of mine) but she ment to say lets she what happens when his gf kisses her. (may sound sorta confusing but thats not the point) Then the question came up of what would you (me)do if i kissed another guy.I told her that it depended on the sercumstances of the situation. If she said that she was drunk, my answer was i would be more upset and disappointed then mad, and she asked what if the guy was sober and he did. I said that i would kick his ass. Then she was like ok.. and it was silent for awhile. A situation crossed my mind if she ment anything by this question, about 2 weeks ago she got drunk and went out with an old friend of her who i think is a bad influence, and she has told me that she doesnt trust him when she is drunk to be around her. Since he is a friend to her, and my answer was tha ti would kick his ass i think she wont tell me that something happene dif anything. i am just making assumptions, but what should i do about this.

Should i just take this as a question from her and she just wanted my answer or should this be more of a hint to something that had happened.

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ok...If you are really that worried about it then you need to tell her, but do this very tactfully. Just say something like "you know when you asked that question a couple of days ago? Did something happen?". If she says no, then you have to learn to trust what she is telling you.


Sometimes we are all a little bit curious about what would happen if certain things occurred and maybe she is just telling you about these curiousosities...

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Listen, it dont matter what other guys "try" the important thing is you trust your GF.


Girls ask these hypotheticals all the time. so its probably nothing but a question to see how you would answer.


dont distrust or doubt your GF, dont assume anything.


if you must know, just ask her, why she asked those questions.

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Trust your girl friend and chill. Sometime you just have to let go of things. let her know though that you want to know if something ever accidentally happens. Dont go kicking asses. She will never be able to tell you when she does something wrong. Just work on the relationship and trust her.

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