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What should i get her?


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Guys? More like girls! hee hee....


How long have you been seeing her?


If it is a new "thang" and this gift is going to be filling her in on your feelings.... hmmm.... How about you get her something very unique that you both can do on your first date? Get her tickets to a chick flick, that never fails.... There are places that you can actually rent bikes and go down these bike trails~ that would be very nice and sweet.... Possibilities are endless! Need more details! Are you in a relationship? If yes, how long? Don't want to be too insignificant but if it's early, don't want to be too much.

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I know what Diggity is going to say.....don't buy a gift for her unless she's your girlfriend.It seriously lowers your value.


That's right.


You never buy gifts for a girl you're not dating. The very act of buying a present to please her is you trying to qualify for her. If you are trying to qualify yourself with offerings you're showing that she is the prize. If she is the prize then thigns are not equal between you. You trying to win her over with gifts is showing that she is above you.


In order to maintain a healthy relationship the two people must be equals. If you are sending her signals by acting in a manner that shows that she is above you, such as putting her on a pedestal or offering gifts, then things aren't equal. You're telling her that she is better than you. How can she gain or maintain an interest in you if you are telling her that she is better than you? She can't. She will feel she can do better and she'll go out with a guy who doesn't do this.


If you like the girl, don't try to appease her with gifts. This is not a way to build attraction, it only works like this in Hollywood, and Hollywood either has no clue how it is in the real world or prefer to cater to fantasy. Instead, ask the girl out.


I'll help you through the steps. How old are you?

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