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Difference between love and infatuation..


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It is well said "It's love that makes the world go round". People get too much involved and preoccupied with this four-lettered word. With the absense of love(a particular type....got it???) in their lives , human beings feel unsatisfied and incomplete deep within and seek completeness in total by getting involved in love, infatuation, flirting or be it mindless dating.

You must often be often confused whether you are in "Love" or you are merely "infatuated".


How do you know you're in love?


Real love is selfless. If you want the best for your partner you are in love some how..


Love is based on a deep understanding of the other person. You get to know your partner better over a considerable period of time and under varying circumstances


If your love is deep you will be able to accept the other person as he or she is.With all the -ves and +ves.




You will try to give him/her the best of you and support the other through thick 'n' thin


Love is also tolerant and forgiving. You will be able to go through your lovers varying moods and forgive slightest of the human errors.


Love contributes a lot to each other's mental, emotional and spiritual growth. You will have the perseverance to make your relationship stronger.


Love is definitely patient. It will not push the other into a commitment nor will it be unreasonably demanding. Love can wait for a relationship to grow and blossom


Love is confidence. If you are truly in love you will not feel insecure and jealous


Love is respect and consideration. If you're really in love you will also have a great deal of respect for your partner's emotional and spiritual needs


Love stands the test of time and adversity. If your relationship comes out of 'rain, hail and storm' unscathed you will get to know that you both are made for each other.


If ever in the due course of your relationship you feel as if he or she should be with you each and every time, or rather if you start getting possesive,then my dear you are caught in the web of LOVE. Many a times, in the new relationships we feel that we are in love but later we understand that it was infatuation.






What is Infatuation ?


Confused?? Whether you are in love or is it infatuation?


Here's what infatuation is?


Infatuation can be identified as a strong and at times overpowering desire for a person of opposite sex.


It is highly based on physical attraction. "Love at first sight" syndrome is nothing but infatuation.


When it's infatuation basically you "judge the book by its cover". If a girl is breathtakingly beautiful or a guy is irresistibly handsome - you do not care how she or he may be as a person. Yet you desire…


When love is skin deep you are extremely possessive. Since you neither know nor understand the other deeply - you feel insecure about your relationship.


Youll start believing in Charles Darwins theory which states"Human being is present on this earth to eliminate hunger and sex hunger" isint it


A relationship based on infatuation a relationship will be ridden with petty jealousies. This again reflects how little you know each other and how unsure you feel.


When it's merely infatuation, you will realise how little is your concern for the other. You will think of gratifying yourself first at the cost of your lover's emotions. In short selfishness characterises infatuation.


When you are merely infatuated - your relationship can never withstand 'the trials and tribulations of life. Like when a storm comes your relationship will be uprooted and will leave you standing alone…


'It' often starts with infatuation but the relationships that are strong, healthy and wholehearted drift towards maturity… and that is LOVE my dear.





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overpowering desire for a person of opposite sex

And same sex, lol


But I disagree, I think the line between Love and Infatuation is smaller. Though I agree that infatuation is caused by the more physical aspects of a person, rather than emotionally. But you can still be emotionally infatuated with someone, and it not be love. From there it can either become love, or the infatuation will wither and you find yourself to be less interested than you once were.

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