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What shall i do next?


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Hi all, my girlfriend of 3 months broke up with me just over a week ago because she wasn’t ready for a relationship so soon as her previous relationship, I think mainly because I was getting to heavy into it and she said she needs space.


Anyway we get along great still and last weekend we went out together and had a really great time, afterwards she came back to my place and we stayed up till 8 in the morning talking and drinking. In that time we started talking about us and I believe I made things okay for her by saying that yes we shouldn’t have jumped straight into a relationship because the exact term relationship connotes seriousness so why can’t we just see each other and have a fun time together like we did at the start, to which she seemed to agree. We ended up kissing that night too, she kissed me first out of nowhere really?


As we stayed up till 8 in the morning we didn’t wake up till 6pm the next day and when she woke up she was so quick to leave that we never even had chance to speak beyond see you later. This left me kind of confused because now I’m not sure whether she was just drunk and was thinking, what did I do last night? Or whether simply she had to go because she had work 3 hours later and had to go home to get ready.


I’m sure I’ve missed things out here, so if you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer. Anyway what I’m asking is, what do you reckon I should do next? She hasn’t contacted me since she left and I was planning on waiting for her to get in touch with me. But now I’m wondering if I should contact her first because her ex basically ignored her a lot toward the end of their relationship and I feel that if I don’t contact her then she may start to think I don’t care like her ex didn’t

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I think you should ring her. Maybe she might talk about last night. She may have feelings for you but doesn't want to get into a relationship because of her last relationship, gotta repsect that. What's stopping you from calling her?


Call her because you care! ^^ Don't use your head, use your heart.

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Hi Candyskins, thanks for the reply. Ringing her isn’t really an option because she never picks up the phone to anyone because there is something wrong with her caller ID so she never knows who’s ringing her, thereforeeee never answers. The only ways of communication is either through text messaging or e-mail. Also it was actually 2 days ago now when she left and we haven’t communicated since she left that evening.


See the reason I haven’t text or e-mailed so far is because I said that I would give her space as she is in a bad place right now, so its hard for me to understand how to do this properly, I mean if I text her now will she perceive this as not giving her the space I said I would let her have? But then as I said in my original post she was hurt by her ex in many ways including him distancing himself from her, so maybe she won’t like it if I wait for her to contact me…it’s a hard one?


I’ve been thinking about her and why she isn’t ready for a relationship, and please tell me if this makes sense. Basically she fell in love with her ex and fully immersed herself into the relationship to have it thrown back in her face. Now does this mean she has trust issues with me because I have told her how much she means to me and if she accepts this and immerses herself in our relationship, is she afraid that I may do the same thing that her ex did? Is she basically at this point where she would rather destroy what is good before the good destroys her?

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