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Am i doing the right thing?

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I have just completed my first semester of college at the university of arizona in tucson and i absolutely hate it. I am contemplating about going back home to omaha, nebraska and go to the university of nebraska at omaha. I just can't stand it in arizona. I thought it was a great opportunity for me but i guess i was wrong. Its a great school and all but i can't stand most of the people. I say that because i choose not to be an alcoholic most of the time as to where my roommates choose to be. I thought these guys were cool but they actually take advantage of me and talk down to me in condesending tones. they never clean up the room and wait for me to do it. They drink in the room every mother * * * * ing weekend and i just can't deal with it. Some people just don't take me seriously cuz of where i am from and cuz of how small i am compared to them. I haven't found one decent friend i can relate to and talk to about certain things. everyone seems so fake unlike my friends back home. Is going back going to be a mistake, am i gonna throw away great opportunities or is it gonna be a good idea to go back to people who accept me no matter wut?

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As far as drinking goes, you're gonna have to keep in mind that drinking occurs at every school. It's just a part of college and (frankly) a part of American life. At an ivy league school there would still be people drinking every weekend. I (a student) myself drink sometimes, though only socially and not particularly often.


Were you able to choose your roommates? I know at my school freshman aren't really able to choose that first year, but for many things improve a lot in their second years when they are allowed to pick.


I'd say find some activities on campus and see if you can meet some people with similar interests and values. Not to dissuade you from transfering as it may very well be the right decision for you, but you should explore your other options first.

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I would think really carefully before going home. Maybe the third option is to go to another school, but not at home? Maybe try something that is not too far from where you're from, so that you have your friends relatively close by but still have the opportunity to meet new people and deal with problems.


I say this because I went to college in my home state, and in hindsight really wished my parents had forced me to go out of state for school. I leaned too much on my old friends and didn't really grow or take advantage of the things my school had to offer.


It's only been one semester. Maybe this next semester you fill your days/nights so that you're not in your room very often. Then you don't have to deal with your roommates, and you can make friends that are interested in more than drinking. Join some activities or clubs, get a part-time job, anything that will allow you to meet some people outside of your roommates. If you are a guitarist as your screen name suggests, maybe find a band to play in? These guys you live with are just a few of the many students that go there. There is someone you will relate to. You just have to find him/her.

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