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Not looking for anything specific, I'm just feeling a bit dim....



I was considering enlisting in the military - my brother's a recruiter, I gotta lotta crap going on right now, long story... but anyway, to even see if I would qualify for anything, I took the ASAVB test. I don't know what all the letters stand for but apparently its a standard military assessment type test.


I got a really low score and I feel really bad about myself....


Anyway, I probably won't join the military, I'm old, fat and have lots of kids, but I was entertaining the idea. Now I have to tell my brother I'm really not going to join.


Ah well.


Such is life.



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T! Are you serious? Hey, I enlisted when I was 17, basic nearly killed me then, I'd HATE to do it now. lol

I can just picture you, holding an M-16.....killing everything in sight. lol

If this is something you want to do...go for it. I really did have an experience of a lifetime.

Those tests are weird too!



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Hi DYT!! You were enlisted huh? What branch?


I know I'm not chopped liver Dako - but thanks for the reminder. I needed that.


And I know I'm not old, but sometimes, it does feel like the whole age thing is spiraling out of my grasp.


I WOULD look hot in a uniform and I would LOVE an M-16! lol


And ya know Entropy Smith - I think you're right. Its not ever too late to transform yourself. The military is good for that.


I don't think I'm military material but I do wish I would have thought of going that route 10, 15 years ago!


Thanks guys. You're spirit lifters, the lot of you and I appreciate you!





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