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What is up with him?... Somebody Please Help Me?!

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Ok, To start off.. I'm 16 and about 3 Months ago my bf of almost 10 months Broke up with me. He never gave me a reason as to why. Things were going good (or so i thought) , and well he ignored me for probably close to a month before he actually broke up with me, In which I still dont understand why?! ... But anyway, after that we talked for about a week and agreed on still being friends, and needless to say after that he went back to ignoring me for a few more weeks. Then one day out of nowhere he IMs me telling me how much he still loved me, and wanted to be with me, and so on.. We talked about getting back together, and he asked me if I wanted to start over and try things again, I told him that I would have to think on it because I mean at the time I was really hurt and he said that was cool and that he would give me time to think on things. All this time I was talking with one of his friends and he informed me that while i was with my ex he cheated on me atleast once while we were dating, and that he is dating the girl he cheated on me with. Well I ask him about it and he says its a total lie, so me being so much in love with him I believe it... Things went fairly well for awhile, we talked everynight for hours on the phone and internet, then he comes out and tells me that he does have a gf and as his friend said it was the girl he cheated on me with, So of course I was mad, upset, and hurt all at the same time.. I wasnt sure what to do so I just told him to leave me alone, I didnt wanna hear from him, or talk to him every again. He quit talking to me for a week or 2 and then he gets back up with me telling me the same things over about how he misses me, thinks about me all the time, etc... So I tell him that I miss him, and Still Love him and everything and We leave it at that. The Next night I get an email from him Practically saying the same thing, how he loves me still, he thinks about me all the time when hes with him gf now.. and well needless to say thats the last he has said to me. I mean I am so confused as to what to do, I Still Love Him and Dont Think I could ever love anyone like I love him. I have dated 2 other guys since we've been broken up and i've broken up with both of them because I still love him so much it Hurts so bad... I Cry everynight thinking about him and I just dont know what to do?! It seems like I just cant get over him..

Could Someone Please Give Me Some Advice Or Something.. PLEASE~!

Thanks in Advance.

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I can see why you love him, because he is so honest, and faithful.

he is such a nice guy, I wonder what he told the other girl about you.



Lets see he dumped you for this other girl, it didnt work out so he goes back to the old "standby" ah, when will silly girls ever learn? oh well your so young and have so much to learn yet.


let me put it very simple, dump his ass! get yourself a real man.


I know you wont, cause, your gonna want to learn this the hard way. but at least i warned ya.

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I think you'll be better off without him. Considering how you still feel about him, your heart is telling you to give him another chance but your head is telling you that you may end up getting hurt again.


You know he cheated on you and you would forgive him for that. Can you ask yourself if you can trully trust him again. What if you two get back together and he starts wanting to have his space? Why put yourself through that pain again? Move on and things will get better. Good luck.

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3 months isn't long to have given yourself to heal if you've been trying to work at other relationships...


You don't need to commit to a relationship to go out and have some fun to get over him, and actually, I'd take the time and NOT commit, since right now "relationship things" are going to remind you of your ex, or give you things to compare with him. Instead of jumping in as someone's gf, just hang with your friends, go out with guys you like casually, and take your time to get on your feet again... but he's NOT worth the amount of pain you're putting yourself through. There was nothing about you that MADE him cheat or treat you this way, and you deserve better than this, period. It's time to take some time for YOU now, ok? Put yourself first for a while!

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i'm going through a tough break up right now and being a younger person ( i'm 18 ) i can tell you it feels like the end of the road when someone you love so much leaves you. i still love me ex very much i want a other chance but i know there's more fish in the sea, it just takes time to see that. i say dont dump him but dont go out with him, give yourself time to heal than make a decision.

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