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huh,my boyfriend of 17 months dumped me.well, me and him did not get along verywell since we always fought about small things like where to go (he does'nt have any suggestions most of the time) so i always ended up deciding and whenever we would fight he always tell me that i decide for everything where to eat,where to go,what to watch and etc. ,another thing is he is back in his Church and i am Catholic and He is Christian and he flatly told me that he wanted to marry someone who goes to his Church and be spiritually one with him, i told him that we don't have to on the same religion to be spiritually one as long as we both believe that our God is only one...., another thing is he wanted to fix his life first since he's been into major financial problem (when he broke up with his girlfriend of 5 and a half years he gave her everything she wanted if u know what i mean) , we still talk on the phone and still friends and i told him that i will wait for him ,and tells him that i still love him but he said he doesn't want me to keep my hopes high taht we'll get back together again but i always insist that he is for me (huh!).Also, when he ended the relationship i asked him if he still loves me he keeps saying that he just don't want any girlfriend right now and i asked him again if he still loves me and he finally said no , i don't love you as my girlfriend but as a friend and i asked him when did yo stop loving me and he said first a month ago ( boy, how i suddenly remember whenever we would end our conversation on the phone he would always say i love you to me and it suddenly stopped) and i said umm i know now why i suddenly felt that we are growing apart and he said yes and maybe you never really loved me coz whenever we would make love you never said i love you to me.

Also, he said that i should not be worried of him dating another girl or me not being with him anymore coz he will never have sex until the day he is married and i always tell him if that's what you want that perfectly fine to me and i did not have sex with other guy many many months after my previous boyfriend and i decided that we should end our long-distance relationship . boy it's hard to let go if you still love that person and still hoping that he will still love you, any


Any uplifting advice anyone........thanks

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I thought I'd reply to your message since you helped me

Sounds to me that your boyfriend/lack of is confused. Maybe he just needs some time to figure out his own thoughts. I know its hard, but just hang tight, and all you can do is just let him know that you are there for him if he needs you. He already knows that you love him, and just think if it was ment to be, it will be. *Hugs* Keep your spirits up!

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