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what would you do


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been seeing this girl for 3 weeks. all sparks and sex and all that. seems perfect. did anyway. i took her to work last night and dropped her off, (waitress). today she is acting funny and says she sees other people. wont say she did but really isnt saying she didnt. i have this feeling, call it a guy thing, she slept with someone last night. my gut is usually always right. my gut says she did. so we havent "declared exclusivity" at this point ok so is she cool to screw someone last night and bounce back to me. is this the rule of dating and i should be happy. i'm not a kid, (29) just stupid i guess.


would you stay or would you go?

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Depends what you are looking for. If you are looking just for a good time then ok. Personally i wouldnt go out with a girl who was sleeping with someone else it says she isnt really interested enough in you to be exclusive. If she sleeps with someone when you are first going out and feelings are full on what does it say about the future? As for the rules I think the rules are what you make them.

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If your gut is wrenched sounds like you really need to get away. My person opinion is if you sleeping with someone you are having a relation all be it a superficial one which may have no depth or future. That is often the problem the way you feel isnt the way she feels etc. Its tough but these things help to make us what we are. I know this seems crazy now because you feelings are saying other things but it will happen trust me.

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