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I think I am slightly spotting blood. It only happened once when I went to the bathroom last night and stopped shortly after.


When i look up the description of bloody show it seems to full out describe some kind of gelatinous bloody goo which is not what I got at all.


Can anyone help me out here? =) I don't feel like I'm in labor or anything either.

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When the bloody show comes, it doesn't necessarily all come at once. It's probably starting to come loose and I bet you'll see the goo in all its glory within the next few days. I'm not sure whether you should call your doctor to ask about it or not.

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I'm going to see the doctor tomorrow as part of regular check-ups. I get one every week. I'm not going to rush to the hospital today, would be a waste of time I would think.

I was also along thinking it was normal but I hadn't heard of people losing the blood gradually. Seems like it's normal so I don't think I have much to worry about.

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