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No spark!!


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If you kiss someone for the first time who you have a huge amount in common with on every level and there is no spark is it a dead end? Or can something pop up in the future that will change the spark.


I feel it was just to common and easy in the beginning. From day one it was like we knew each other for years.


Funny thing is we decided to start to date even after the first kiss went sour but it ended very quick. She felt like she crossed the friend line but we only knew each other about a month.


Because of all the stuff in common I was a little nervous in the beginning, could this have killed the spark? I would hate to think I missed out because I was nervous :sad:


Please respond if you have any thoughts!

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For some reason I am broken up about it because I have in my mind how it would have been if there was a spark. I just hate to lose out on a great friend and relationship just because a spark did not fly in the first few weeks. There was obviously an attraction or we wouldn't have tried.


Right now I miss her as a friend.

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Sometimes it's the lead-up to the kiss that matters as much as the actual kiss. Setting and timing have a lot to do with it. If you go out again, see if you two can just ease your way into it next time. If it felt like you were kissing her because you thought it was time or you were supposed to, it could have killed the moment. It's important to read the other person and see if they're giving you signals.

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