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Have you ever/would you ever turn down a date/meeting because of shyness?

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Yeah... in High School I sent a valentine card to a Girl I liked (but didn't really know), then found out from a mutual friend that she was waiting for me to come and talk to her, but I never did... Mainly due to the fact she was always around her friends.


A year or two later, I was 99% sure a girl I worked with really liked me, and I really liked her, but I never plucked the courage to ask for her number or give her mine. I guess I didn't have a car back then nor did my Family so I couldn't see how I could get to see her even if we did swap numbers. That was my excuse to myself anyways.


And on it goes...

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Yeah, while I was single I was asked out a coupla times, each time I sort of panicked lol and said I was'nt single cos i'm way too shy! the idea of dating someone new scares me lol I blush if a guy approaches me and I haven't had a alcoholic beverage lol unless ofcourse they're one of those pompous "I can have anyone" guys.


I gave a coupla people my phone number though! and they've become pretty good friends, so it is'nt all bad. I was just on the spot, not so used to being asked out.

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Yeah but it was gut reaction for me to go =O lol


I was'nt expecting it any of the times....


My first thought was... Oh god, why? lol

and then come the worries


Luckily it don't matter no more lol


Awwww. That's sooooo sad. Next time I meet a really shy person I'm sure I'm going to think of this thread. I can't imagine how awful that must feel.

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Never turned down a meeting because of shyness. Geez, it must be painful being that shy. If someone asks you out then they really want to see you. There's no need to feel insecure and shy because they already like you.


when your shy its a whole new world......eventually i broke out of it, well beacuse i was tired of just flirting and it never going anywhere beacuse i was to shy.....back in high school (not to brag) but i had girls all on me......but what da hell did that matter i didnt do anything


i could kick myself

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No I wouldn't if I wanted to meet the guy and I liked him I would go and just kick my nerves in the back well thats what I usually do. I'm shy when it comes to making moves but thats because its seen as a thing for guys to do not girls. But if a guy that I like makes a move on me my shyness will go away because then I know he likes me hence there is no need to be nervous because you wont be rejected and my nerves usually equate to shyness so I get rid of it.

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Oh God have I?


Twice I let my date down and we ended up calling it quits.


I'm now talking to a new guy, just on the phone for now though. He wants to meet up on Friday and I'm already in two minds due to the way I feel about myself, but he is such an amazing character and we have a really good rapport.


I've told him about my shyness issues and he thinks it isn't an issue, so it is making Friday seem a little less daunting I guess...


SO I guess thats a good start...lol

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Yes, I usually do this. Due to being shy, I need large amounts of signal and greenlight from her before I pursue any offer. Sometimes I get so shy, that only if the woman is persistent to the point of being predatory will I go on the date. This is not a good way to get things done in the dating world. As a matter of fact, you give me a good idea for another thread.

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