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Help, I need advice regarding what I should do.

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I am a 25 year old female who has only been in relationships with men. Recently, a fellow classmate (in grad school) started glancing my way constantly. When I would enter class, she would be looking at me and during class, I could look her way and find her staring at me. Once, I caught her looking and she smiled at me, it made me feel uncomfortable. However, I did start to find her attractive. We have spoken about classes and grad school but that has been about it. She has made some remarks that suggest she is bi. When we walk together, she gets rather close and smiles a lot. Last friday, I suggested going out some time but at that point we were interrupted by a friend of mine, we left it at that. I have been shy around her since then, and even though I have seen her looking my way a lot (since last monday), I don't look her way. We haven't spoken since, although she did smile at me yesterday, but again I have tried to act normal. I don't know how to approach this situation since this is new to me. How do I know if she is interested or if it is all in my imagination. What should I do?

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first of all, lets clear the air to see if you are as liberal as you may want to be. break down the whole scenario. if you didnt notice her looking at you, would you still have tried to ask her to go hang out? were you looking, too? or were you looking because you are curious? be cautious not to put yourself in a situation that doesnt exist. be friends first. if you like her vibe, things will flow naturally. everything does not have to be upfront and personal to kick off. good luck.

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